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Learn how to use TutorCruncher's calendar to edit lessons, as well as how to view your tutors availability

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Can I edit lessons from the calendar?

From the Activity > Calendar tab you can edit any lessons that are still planned. Click and drag a lesson to change its date. Go into the week or day view in the calendar to change the lesson's start and end times. The lesson is automatically saved when you make a change.

How do I look at all of my branch's lessons?

You can see all your branch's lessons in the Activity > Calendar tab. All your lessons for the month are shown on the calendar, and you can also zoom into week and day views. You can filter the calendar by status, tutor, student, and location, and colour code them by various attributes. Clicking on a lesson will take you to that lesson's details. You can also edit lessons using the calendar.

How do I look at all my tutor's availabilities?

You can see your tutor's availabilities by going to the Activity > Calendar tab and clicking the 'Tutor Availability' button. The availability calendar shows the availability of all, or selected, tutors in your company. This also includes lessons they are currently booked to attend. Availabilities are marked in blue while lessons are marked in pink.

How can I edit the starting day of the week within my calendar?

Easy! You simply navigate to your System > Settings > Branch Details > First day of the week - there, you'll find a dropdown menu of the different days of the week - this setting will change which day appears first on the calendar grid.


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