All your tutors to add Expenses by creating Ad Hoc Charge Categories

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What is an expense?

Expenses are ad hoc charges that are specific to tutors. Tutors can create expenses on jobs and lessons. They can only be placed on clients on a job/lesson, and the payment goes to the tutor who created it. A tutor cannot add an affiliate onto an expense.

How do I create an expense?

Tutors can create expenses on jobs and lessons. Navigate to the job's or lesson's details page and click the plus icon on the 'Expenses' panel. Fill in the appropriate details including the AHC category, client, and amount. Only users on the job/lesson can be placed on the AHC.

Tutors can also make expenses from the Expenses tab. Click the 'Add Expense' button and fill in the appropriate details. An expense must at least be linked to a specific job.

Is there a way to stop tutors adding their own expenses?

Yes, if you do not want tutors to add expenses from their account, then you will need to disable the ad hoc charge categories for tutors. To do this, navigate to System > Settings > Accounting Settings > Ad Hoc Charge Category. Click on the name of the category, and disable the box for ‘Tutors’. Any ad hoc charge category that is disabled for tutors, will not be available to them when they try to add an expense.

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