Ad Hoc Charge Categories

Find out how to add and manage Ad Hoc Charge categories here.

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When an Administrator or Tutor raises an Ad Hoc Charge, they are required to specify a category for that charge. Common options (that are included by default) include one-off expenses, registration fees, placement fees and consultation fees.

Creating an Ad Hoc Charge.

The Add Ad Hoc Charge panel found in the Ad Hoc Charges page, with the Category dropdown menu showing the default category options.

For cases where these default options don’t cover the category for an Ad Hoc Charge, TutorCruncher allows Administrators to create Ad Hoc Charge categories of their own. They can do this via System > Settings > Accounting Settings > Ad Hoc Charge Categories. Navigating here will open the Ad Hoc Charge Category page, which contains a list of your organisation’s Ad Hoc Charge categories. Here you can select Add Ad Hoc Charge Category to create a new category for your Ad Hoc Charges.

The Ad Hoc Charge Category page, with the Add Ad Hoc Charge Category button highlighted.

Selecting this option will open the Ad Hoc Charge Category panel. From here you can specify the name and description of the new category; whether or not the category is available for Tutors when they raise an Ad Hoc Charge; the default pay/charge that Tutors/Clients will respectively receive when this category is selected; the Default Tax Setting for the category, alongside dropdown menus for the category’s sales codes and tax setups.

Creating a new Ad Hoc Charge Category.

How do I make charitable donations?

Charitable donations can be made towards Jobs using Ad Hoc Charge Categories - simply create an Ad Hoc Charge category to be linked to the donation. Then, when adding a Student to the Job, they can open the ‘Charitable Donation’ tab to specify the Ad Hoc Charge Category and donation amount per Lesson.

Adding a charitable donation to a Job.

Once this has been submitted, an Ad Hoc Charge will be generated once the Lesson has been marked as ‘complete’. Any Lessons marked ‘Cancelled but chargeable’ will not generate this charge. Clients will be able to see those donations on their Raised Invoices, and you can view and download a CSV file of all the donations that have been made with your agency when they export their Ad Hoc Charges.

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