Ad Hoc Charge Categories

Learn more about setting up & using Ad Hoc Charge Categories

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What is an ad hoc charge category?

Ad hoc charges are given categories to help you organise how the charge is managed. Several parameters can be set on the category including default tax setting, sales code, charge via branch, etc. Every AHC requires a category. Existing AHC categories can be edited, and new ones can also be created. You can also see a breakdown of your income by AHC category under the 'Ad Hoc Charge Categories' tab in Analytics > Income Breakdown.

How do I create an ad hoc charge category?

You can create a new ad hoc charge category by navigating to System > Settings > Accounting Settings > Ad Hoc Charge Category, and clicking first the 'Ad Hoc Charge Categories' button and then the 'Add Ad Hoc Charge Category' button. Fill in the appropriate details including a name and default tax setting. If the 'Tutors' box is selected, then tutors will be able to use this AHC category when creating an expense.

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