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Working with Affiliates
Working with Affiliates
Learn how to setup, create, & use affiliates in your agency
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What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates can earn commission by referring clients to you. An affiliate may be one of your tutors, another tutoring company or school or a completely unrelated contact you have. Affiliates are added to jobs individually and can be added to ad hoc charges. Payment of affiliates is recorded using payment orders, similar to tutors.

How do I turn on/off Affiliates for my branch?

Affiliates can be turned on/off in System > Settings > People and Activity > People. Select/Deselect 'Use Affiliates' and click 'Save'.

How do I create an Affiliate?

  1. Navigate to the People > Affiliates tab

  2. Click on the 'Create New Affiliate' button

  3. Fill in the affiliate's details

  4. Click 'Submit'

How do I edit an Affiliate's details?

You can edit an affiliate's details by going to their profile, clicking ‘Actions’ and then selecting ‘Edit Profile’ in the drop-down menu.

How do I edit an Affiliate's commission?

You can edit an affiliate's commission by going to their profile:

  1. Select ‘Actions’ under the affiliates profile picture, and click ‘Edit Profile’.

  2. Go to the ‘Accounting’ section, fill in the desired percentage and click 'Submit'.

  3. Commission's can also be set individually on each job for each student.

How do I set an Affiliate's clients?

  1. Navigate to the client's profile that you wish to assign the affiliate to via People > Clients.

  2. Within the ‘Profile’ tab, select the ‘Action’ tab just beneath the client's profile picture.

  3. Choose the option to 'Set Affiliate', and select the affiliates name from the dropdown list, then click ‘Submit’.

  4. You can also add an affiliate directly to a job.

How do I pay an Affiliate?

Affiliates payments can be generated in the same way as Tutor Payments in Accounting > Draft Payment Orders.

Affiliate payments are calculated based on X% of commissions from a lesson, not the full cost to the client. For example, if a client is charged £100 for a lesson, and the tutor gets paid £50, an affiliate who receives 10% commission, will be paid £5, not £10.

N.B: The amount that an affiliate would be paid is after tax has been calculated on the commission.

Can I add more than one affiliate to a student on a job?

Unfortunately, only one affiliate can be added to a student on a job.

How do I add an affiliate to a job?

  1. Navigate to the main job page and choose a student you wish to assign.

  2. Click to edit the 'Jobs Default Rate' & make sure that the 'Add Affiliate' box is checked.

  3. Select the affiliate you wish to add and set the commission percentage as well.

  4. Once those changes are made click 'Save'.

Why isn't a payment order being generated for an affiliate?

There might be a few different reasons that a payment order is not being generated for an affiliate. Here are a few things to check and make sure that generates successfully:

  1. Is there commission on the lesson that the affiliate has been assigned to? If the charge rate is the same as the pay rate, then a payment order will not be able to be generated for that affiliate as there is no commission on the lesson.

  2. Has the affiliate been added to the student profile on the main job page?

  3. Has an Affiliate Commission Percentage been set on the affiliates profile on the job?

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