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Affiliates can earn commission by referring Clients to your services. Learn how to manage your company's Affiliates here.

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An Affiliate is someone who can refer Clients to your company for a commission - an Affiliate could be someone from within your organisation, or outside of it. They can be added to Jobs or Ad Hoc charges, and receive payment via payment orders, similar to Tutors. Affiliates are particularly useful for any cases where an organisation has a referral program.

Within TutorCruncher, Affiliates can view any Jobs their referred Clients are assigned to, view any Documents that have been shared with them, and track their Payment Orders.

How do I enable Affiliates on TutorCruncher?

Affiliate functionality is not enabled by default on your TutorCruncher account - to enable this, navigate to System > Settings > People and Activity > People where you can toggle the checkbox for Use Affiliates.

The People panel, with Use Affiliates checkbox highlighted.

How do I create a new Affiliate and edit their details?

Affiliates can be created by navigating to People > Affiliates, selecting Create New Affiliate where you can fill in the Affiliate’s details before submitting.

To edit an Affiliate’s details, simply navigate to the Affiliate’s user profile, select Actions > Edit Profile and adjust their details accordingly.

How do I adjust an Affiliate’s commission?

This can be done by navigating to the Affiliate’s profile, selecting Actions > Edit Profile and selecting the Accounting tab. From there, you can adjust the commission percentage:

The Affiliate accounting tab, with commission percentage box highlighted.

How do I set an Affiliate’s Clients?

Navigate to the Client’s profile that you wish to assign the Affiliate to via People > Clients. From there, select Actions > Set Affiliate. Selecting this will open a panel prompting you to select which affiliate you’d like to assign to that Client.

Note: Affiliates won’t receive any money unless they are added to a Client’s Jobs - adding them as a Client only means that they will be the default option when adding an Affiliate to that Client’s Jobs.

Can I add an Affiliate directly to a Job?

Yes - simply navigate to the desired Job’s main page and assign a Student to the Job - from there, you can edit the Job’s Default Rate:

An example of a Job page with the Job’s Default Rate button highlighted.

Selecting this will open the Edit Student Charge Rate panel, where you can select an Affiliate to receive a percentage of that student’s charge rate:

The Edit Student Charge Rate panel, with Add Affiliate highlighted.

Note: Only one Affiliate can be attached to a Student on a Job.

Why isn’t there a Payment Order being generated for an Affiliate?

There are several reasons why this might be, some quick troubleshooting steps include:

  • Is there a commission on the Lesson that the Affiliate has been assigned to? If the charge rate is the same as (or less than) the pay rate, then a Payment Order cannot be generated for that Affiliate, as there is no commission on the Lesson.

  • Has the Affiliate been added to the Student profile on the main Job page?

  • Has an Affiliate commission percentage been set on the Affiliate’s profile for the Job?

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