Troubleshooting Email

Ways to monitor & troubleshoot emails that are sent from the platform

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How do I check what emails have been sent?

To check the status of your sent emails, navigate to Communications > Outbound Emails. Here you can see all emails sent from your TutorCruncher account. It may take up to five minutes for a newly sent email to appear on this page. If an email doesn't appear in this list, then it has most likely not sent.

Emails sent from TutorCruncher use field names, so you can form searches using the commands below, in the format fieldname: text, for example subject: New job teaching GCSE English.

Field Name



Search by the status of the email. Options are 'sent', 'bounced', 'soft-bounced', 'rejected', 'spam', and 'unsub'


Search the sender/from email address for the message


Search the full email address for the recipient


The subject line of the message


Search for the location where a recipient opened the message.

You can find more information about how to search your email outbox from the Mandrill Help Site.

How do I view the activity of my sent emails?

To view the activity of your company's emails, navigate to Communications > Email Analytics. The data on this page shows you information about your emails within the last 90 days. The chart shows you how your emails have been received in the past 7 days. Use the glossary below to help you understand the status of your emails.

Reputation: This value is based on how many bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribes your emails get when sending. The more bounces and spam complaints you get compared to the amount you send, the lower your reputation will be.

Soft Bounces: This is usually what happens if an email address doesn't exist. It will try and resend up to seven times.

Hard Bounces: When an email soft-bounces more than 7 times it is converted to a hard bounce, and then the email address will be blocked for a time. If an email address gets blocked often it is converted to a reject.

Complaint: If a recipient marks an email as spam, it is marked as a complaint and then that email address will be blocked from receiving emails for a year.

Rejects: An emailed address is rejected by the email service if it has hard bounced too many times or has been marked as spam.

Opens: Shows how many users opened the email.

Deferral: This means that the recipient's mail server has temporarily refused delivery of an email but will try for some time before it registers as a bounce or spam. This could be because their inbox is full, the receiving server might not have any open ports to receive the email, or the server simply doesn't recognise your IP address and considering the email to be spam.

Why didn't my client/tutors/user receive an email?

This can happen for several reasons.

  • Does the user have an email address on their account? Check the user's profile to see if they have an email added.

  • Does the email definition have 'Email Sending' turned off? You can check this by going to the email definition in System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Definitions.

  • Is the Email Definition written incorrectly? If you have changed the template in a way that means it doesn't render, it will not send. Check the guide above for a guide on how to write the templates correctly.

  • Does the client have 'Notify via Email' turned off? This can be seen by editing the client; there will be a checkbox for 'Notify via Email'.

  • Has the email bounced? The last thing to check is by going to Communications > Outbound emails and searching for the email. You can see the status of the email here, whether it bounced, was sent, or even opened.

Why aren't my emails sending?

If any of your emails aren't sending there are a couple of things you can check to troubleshoot the issue.

Go to the user's profile and check for the following things:

  • Is there a log within the user's activity? You can check by scrolling down to the activity log section of their profile.

  • Is there a corresponding email and its status? Scroll to the bottom of the user's profile and check the email is showing up in related emails. If it is showing, check that its status is in the status column.

Other troubleshooting steps:

  • Is the corresponding email definition switched on? Go to System > Settings > Email Definitions, and check that the email corresponding to the message you are trying to send is switched on.

What happens when I change a user's email address on their profile?

When you change a user's email address on their profile, that user will then be sent a link confirming this change to the new email address. Once the user has accepted the change of email address & follows the link, then their profile will be updated with the new email address.

Why is my name not appearing correctly on outbound emails?

If your name is not appearing correctly on outbound emails, it may be that the email style has not been set up correctly for those outbound emails. In order to check this, navigate to System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Styles. Choose the email style, and make sure that the ‘From’ field has been filled out correctly.

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