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Emails in TutorCruncher
Emails in TutorCruncher
Learn more about using email styles, changing templates, as well as customising emails in general
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What is TutorCruncher's Email System?

TutorCruncher's email system allows you to send personalised emails when certain actions are triggered, such as 'Welcome' emails and 'Low Balance' notifications. You can send emails to large groups of users within your system using broadcasts and target specific users using labels. Your emails are also logged in our analytics, so you can see what emails have sent and their status. TutorCruncher's emails are sent using Mandrill by MailChimp.

What is an email style?

Email styles allow you to choose the sending and reply addresses, template, title and logo for each style. Styles can then be used in broadcasts and definitions. For example, if you want your 'Send Invoice' emails to be sent from [email protected], then you can change the address in the email style to be Accounts <[email protected]>.

How do I create an email style?

You can create an email style by first navigating System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Styles. Click the 'Add Email Style' button to create a new style or click on an existing style to edit it.

How do I change the template of an email?

First create a template by navigating to System > Settings > System Customization > HTML Templates, and click the 'Add Template' button. Give the template a name, select 'Email Template' under 'Type' and click 'Submit'.

Then on the templates list page, find the template you wish to edit and click 'Edit Content'. You should see a page with an HTML editor already containing the default email template used by TutorCruncher. Be careful when editing any content surrounded by curly braces (i.e. ###{{ }}), because they are used by the system to get your content such as logos and headings. Our email templates are written in Mustache, but as long as you know HTML, you shouldn't have a problem making edits.

Once you've made your desired changes, click 'Save'. Then go to System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Styles to create an email style using your template. Try previewing your email style and template by sending yourself a broadcast preview.

How do I add my company logo onto an email?

To use your company logo in your emails, you must create an email style with your logo uploaded. Navigate to System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Styles and either add or edit an email style. Under 'Logo' click 'Choose file' and upload your company logo, then click 'Submit'. Any broadcast or email definition using that email style will have your company logo.

How do I change my email footer?

You can change your email footer in System > Settings > Communications. Click one of the edit icons below, write your message and click 'Save'. The email footer is written in Markdown. Take a look at our Markdown guide for help with editing email footers.

How do I add my company name to the email address?

Using the format below, you can edit your Email Style to include your company's name.

My Company Name <[email protected]>

How do I send emails from my own email address?

Sending any emails from a custom email address requires you to verify and configure SPF and DKIM records for all active sending domains. To learn how to do that, click here.

How can I change the date format on an email?

You can change the date format on emails by going to Settings > Branch Details, then click on the drop-down menu under 'Date Output Format'. Here you can find a list of the different ways the date can appear on outbound emails. Once a new format is chosen, click Save at the bottom of the form.

Is it possible to have two email addresses associated with users?

Sorry, adding two email addresses to a users profile isn’t something that’s possible right now (We associate one email address with each user to control email notifications & login etc). If you wanted to have that information visible on a users profile, then you could consider adding a custom field and have that visible when you are on the profile.

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