Custom Fields and Role Page Banners

Find out how you can use custom fields & role page banners to display extra information to your users

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How can I add extra account information to different roles?

You can customise what information you receive from a user using Custom Fields. If you create a Custom Field for a user, jobs, lessons, or report the new field will be shown when editing or creating them.

For example, if it is important for you to know your tutors' shoe size, you can put in a field for that! You could also add a tickbox called 'Can drive to distant jobs' or 'can do full time placements' to the tutor form and require them to record that information when they apply to work with you. You can also filter and search through your users and content based on the Custom Fields that you have created.

Step by step process for adding Custom Fields

  • Choose a name and some help text if you want.

  • The 'Apply To' field lets you select whether to apply it to one of the roles or to a job, lesson or lesson report.

  • The type of Custom Field depends on what kind of information you want to record or display (Checkbox, Date, Text box, Dropdown, etc.).

  • Choose who can access or change the information by using the access checkboxes. For instance, you may not want to show a tutor their rating.

  • The Custom Field is now available when creating or editing a report, user, job or lesson.

By changing the type and who they apply to, you can use custom fields in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Whether a tutor can drive

  • A tutor's rating (which is set by their clients) in stars

  • More options on a lesson report, such as the student’s concentration out of 10

  • How a client found out about your company (as a dropdown)

You can choose to make a field required by the user filling in the profile by ticking the 'Required' box. To make the information available in the lists or on the front page of the user, job or lesson, tick the ‘Available in Lists’ box. You can even make it available in filters by ticking the ‘Available in Filters’ box. This means you can now search, for example, for all tutors who can drive.

Create a Custom Field by clicking '+ Add Custom Field Definition'.

Create a Custom Field by clicking '+ Add Custom Field Definition'.

Custom Fields can be any of the following:




This means it has to be filled in for the user to save any changes (i.e. this field cannot be left blank).

Show in list

Appears in the profile summaries on the lists of users.

Available in filters

If turned on, you can filter your content based on the data from this field using the search feature or list filters.

Role" Accessible

Allows this role to view and edit these values. This must be turned on for users to access these values when editing their account profile or when viewing lessons, jobs, and reports.

Enquiry Form

Must be enabled to show on the Enquiry form.

Please note: For any field that you create that you wish to be viewable on your website through TutorCruncher Socket, you will need to check the box for Client Accessible as the client needs to be able to view them.

You can also set default values for your Custom Fields.

What are the types of Custom Field?




Shows a tick-able check.

Short text box

For small bits of text. Only shows the first 100 characters.

Long text box

For lots of text. All text is displayed.


We really hope you know what these are :) A default can be set.


A star field to be displayed. The max number of stars can be set.


Adds a dropdown. Specifiy the options in a comma separated list.

Date and time

Gives you a way to select a date and time.


Like a date and time, but without the time!

What is Custom Field ordering?

Custom Fields can be ordered in a certain sequence on forms. To change the ordering navigate to System > Settings > Custom Fields and click the 'Edit Ordering' button. This will show you your current custom fields, and allow you to update their order by dragging fields up or down in the list. Once you have updated these changes, just click 'Save' and your custom fields will now be in the new order.

How do I set which custom fields show up in the user list view?

The user list view allows you to view the information in 4 custom fields without having to click on the user's profile. This information is displayed on the user list under their other key information such as their phone number and address.

To make a custom field show up on this user list view, go to System > Settings > Custom Fields, select your chosen custom field and click edit. Select the 'Show in Lists' checkbox and click Save. Once you have done this the custom field should appear in your list view.

Please note: Only the first 4 custom fields which have 'Show in Lists' will appear in your list view. If you have more than 4 custom fields with this check box selected, you can select which 4 appear in the list view by making sure they are within the top 4 attributes in the custom field ordering list.

What is a Role Page Banner?

Role Page Banners are blocks of text that appear at the top of the page, usually containing important reminders or information.

The content of these banners is dependent on the type of "role" that the user is playing (that's where we get the name) and we can show different banners to administrators, tutors, clients and students.

How can I customise banners on different roles?

You can customise page banners by navigating to System > Settings > System Customization > Role Page Banners.

First, make a banner active on a role by selecting the '[ROLE] Banner Active' box, then add your message and click 'Submit'. Your users will then see this message the next time they reload the page.

What user roles can make edits to a custom field?

When you create a custom field, you can give permission to different users to access that field. If a tutor has been given access, they will be able to view and edit these values. However, if a student is given access to a custom field, they will only be able to view that field and not make any edits to it.

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