Company Logos and Editing PDF Templates

Learn how to create PDF templates and have your own company logo on them

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How do I create a custom PDF template?

Before you start creating and editing new templates, please be aware that errors can easily be caused when templates are not edited correctly. Our PDF templates are written in Mustache and you will also need to know HTML to edit the templates. If you don't feel confident enough with you understanding of HTML and Mustache to edit the templates and still wish to do it, please get in touch with us at

When creating PDFs, TutorCruncher will first check if you have a custom template, otherwise, it will use the default template. You can add a custom PDF template by navigating to System > Customisation > Templates > Add and edit templates and clicking the 'Add Template' button.

Give the template a name, select document type you wish to customise and click 'Submit'. You can choose from any of our PDF templates including invoices, payment orders, and receipts.

Then on the templates list page, find the template you wish to edit and click 'Edit Content'. You should see a page with an HTML editor already containing the default PDF template used by TutorCruncher for that type of document. Be careful when editing any content surrounded by curly braces (i.e. \{\{ \}\}), because they are used by the system to get your content such as logos and headings. Once you've made your desired changes, click 'Save'.

Any new PDFs you create of that document type will use your custom template; older documents may not be updated. Note that if you have created a custom email template, you must use an email style for that template to appear on emails.

How can I use my company logo on the login/account pages/PDFs?

Site and PDF logos can be uploaded to apply your branding to the interface of your and your users TutorCruncher accounts, communication, and accounting.

Your company logo is used on your company login screen and TutorCruncher pages. Navigate to System > Settings > Company Settings > Agency Details, and click the 'Choose File' button under 'Page Logo'. Select the file of your logo from your computer, then click 'Save'.

You can also have different logos on each branch. Navigate to System > Settings > Company Settings > Branch Details, and follow the same steps as above. This logo will appear on your branch's pages, overwriting the company logo, but not on the company login screen.

You can also upload a logo for use on your branch's PDF documents such as invoices and payment orders. Navigate to System > Settings > System Customization > PDFs, and click on the 'Choose File' button under 'PDF Logo'. The next time you regenerate accounting or create a lesson report, you will see your logo on the PDF document, however, it may not be updated for older documents.

What New Information can I Include in my Custom PDF Templates?

If you want to further personalise your PDF templates you can also include:

  1. Lesson Count for Invoice PDFs,

  2. The number of lessons for Invoice PDFs, and..

  3. Custom Fields for Payment Order PDFs

How? Have a look at our two sections below on setting these up; Lesson Hours on Invoices and Custom Fields on Payment Orders.

Where can I include my agency's bank details on the invoice PDF?

If you want to include your agency's bank details or terms of payment on an invoice, then you can include this in your PDF settings. Navigate to System > Settings > System Customization > PDFs, and go to the field marked ‘Invoice Payment Details’. The text that is displayed here is at the bottom of the summary page of an invoice. Once you have entered any relevant details, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the form.

Is there a way I can customize the text that appears at the top of a payment receipt?

Yes, you can customize the text that appears at the top of a payment receipt. Navigate to System > Settings > System Customization > PDFs, and go to the field for ‘Receipt Summary Prefix’. Enter any information that you wish, and click ‘Save’. That text will then be displayed at the top of the payment receipt PDF.

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