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Learn about managing settings specific to one branch of your company on TutorCruncher here.

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Branch details can be edited via the Branch Details panel, found by navigating to System > Settings > Branch Details. This panel contains settings that are specific to the branch you are logged into; changes made here will not alter any settings that are company-wide. Remember to click Save before making any changes.

How do I change my branch’s name?

Your branch name can be changed via the ‘Branch Name’ text field.

How do I enable/disable my Clients logging into my branch?

Simply toggle the ‘Client login’ checkbox. If this option is enabled, then your Clients will be able to sign into TutorCruncher via your secure URL and access their Client dashboard.

How do I enable/disable my Clients signing up to my branch?

Simply tick/untick the ‘Client signup’ checkbox. If this option is enabled, your Clients will be able to sign up for an account with your branch when booking lessons.

How do I automatically send prospective Clients a welcome email?

If you enable the ‘Send Pipeline Clients a welcome email’ checkbox, then Clients who are in your sales Pipeline will automatically be sent a Client welcome email.

Can I allow any prospective Tutors who are applying to work with this branch or Tutors from other branches to join?

Yes - this can be done by enabling the ‘Tutors can join’ checkbox.

Can I allow my Clients to create Student profiles themselves?

Yes - simply enable the ‘Clients can create their own Students’ checkbox, this will allow your Clients to add Students to their profile from their end. The Student’s paying Client will be set as whichever Client created the profile.

Can I change the page logo for this specific branch?

Your page logo is displayed both at the top of the menu on your user interface and on any sign up/login pages for that branch. You can change it for the specific branch you are editing by uploading a file to the ‘Page Logo’ section via the Choose File button. To delete a page logo already uploaded, simply check the ‘Clear’ checkbox before hitting Save.

Can I change the contact details used for this branch?

The email address used for Payment Orders and Invoices relevant for the branch you are editing can be adjusted via the ‘Branch Email’ text field. The telephone number used by the branch can similarly be changed via the ‘Telephone Number’ text field.

Can I specify a website for this branch?

Yes - simply input your website’s URL via the ‘Branch Website’ field.

How do I integrate Google Analytics into my branch?

To integrate Google Universal Analytics into your branch, simply input your tracking ID into the ‘Google Analytics Tracking ID’ text field; to integrate with Google Analytics 4, similarly input your measurement ID into the ‘Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID’ field.

Read more about integrating your TutorCruncher platform with Google Analytics here.

How do I change my branch’s timezone?

Simply choose from the list of major cities closest to your branch via the ‘Timezone’ dropdown menu.

Can I adjust how my users input dates into any of my branch’s date fields?

Yes - simply choose a date input format from the ‘Date Input Format’ dropdown menu.

Can I change how dates and times are displayed on my branch?

Yes - simply choose a date output format from the ‘Date Output Format’ dropdown menu.

How can I adjust which units of distance will be used in my branch’s map?

You can choose between miles or kilometres via the ‘Distance Units’ dropdown menu.

How can I specify the address for this branch?

You can edit the branch’s street address, town, country and zip/postal code via the relevant fields at the bottom of the Branch Details panel.

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