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Company details can be edited via the Company Details panel, found by navigating to System > Settings > Company Details. This panel contains settings that are company-wide, meaning that any changes made here will affect all branches of your company within TutorCruncher.

How do I change my company’s name?

Your company’s name can be changed by adjusting the text in the ‘Company Name’ text field.

What is a URL bit and how can I change it?

Your URL bit is a unique identifier used in secure URLs that link to your company’s TutorCruncher platform (typically these are for signup links). In the example above, the URL bit is ‘exemplary-education’, meaning that the URL to sign into the example company would be

You can specify a different URL bit by typing in a new one into the ‘URL bit’ text field. Changes made here will be reflected in the links below the URL bit field, and you can copy these links to be sent to prospective users.

What is a company blurb and how can I change mine?

The company blurb is simply the text displayed above the listing of all your company branches in the contact section, rendered as HTML using markdown. You can edit your company blurb using the ‘Company Blurb’ text field (some HTML knowledge will help you to use this effectively). Remember to click Save before making any changes.

How do I change my page logo?

Your page logo is displayed both at the top of the menu on your user interface and on any sign up/login pages. You can change it by uploading a file to the ‘Page Logo’ section via the Choose File button. To delete a page logo already uploaded, simply check the ‘Clear’ checkbox before hitting Save.

Can I change which branch my Tutors will sign up to by default?

Yes - simply choose a branch from the ‘Default signup branch’ dropdown menu and that branch will be the default option your Tutors see when they sign up to work for your company.

Note: prospective Tutors will still be able to choose any other branches your company has from the dropdown menu shown on your Tutor signup page. If you would like a Tutor to only be able to sign up to a specific branch, we recommend following the steps outlined here.

An example of a Tutor signup page, with the branch dropdown menu highlighted.

How do I change the text that is displayed on my Tutor signup page?

Simply edit the text in the ‘Tutor Signup Description’ text field (you can stylise the text using HTML Markdown). Changes made here will be reflected in the text shown on the left of your Tutor signup page.

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