What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payments platform we have integrated into TutorCruncher. It allows you to take payment from your clients and pay your tutors automatically. For our UK companies, the biggest benefit of the this integration is that it allows companies to act as Employment Agencies.

How do I sign up to Stripe?

If you currently use Stripe and wish to migrate to this new version, please see the question below "How do I migrate to the new version of Stripe?"

In order to link your TutorCruncher account to Stripe Express, you will first need to sign up for a Stripe account in your branch settings. If you head over to Settings > Payment Integrations, there is an option there for Card Payments with Stripe (Express).

If you do not have the option for "Card Payments with Stripe (Express)", then you will need to [email protected] or open a support ticket to get it enabled for your account.

From here, select the 'Connect to Stripe' tab.

This will then redirect to you Stripes website, where you will be able to either setup, or login to your Stripe Express account.

Once those details have been entered, you'll be redirected to TutorCruncher's website & your Stripe account will be fully linked to receive card payments from your clients.

If you want to simultaneously pay your tutors when clients make payment for their completed lessons, then you can use our split payments feature. You can read more about that feature just here.

Can I link my current Stripe account to TutorCruncher?

You can't link your current Stripe account to TutorCruncher, but you can migrate all of your old customers to the new account. Simply follow the steps in the question below "How do I migrate to the new version of Stripe?"

How do I migrate to the new version of Stripe?

There are a few steps you must complete in order to transition from your existing Stripe account to Stripe Express within TutorCruncher. These are:

  1. If you do not have the option in System > Settings > Payment Integrations for "Card Payments with Stripe (Express)", then you will need to [email protected] or open a support ticket to get it enabled for your account.

  2. Follow the steps here to sign up to an account.

  3. If you have customers on your current Stripe account that you would like to migrate to the new one, follow the steps below "How to complete a Data Migration with Stripe Express?"

  4. That's it! Now your tutors can start signing up to Payouts Accounts so that they can be paid.

How to complete a Data Migration with Stripe Express?

If you want to move payment details from your existing Stripe account (Source Account) to your new Stripe Express account (Destination Account), then you will need to request a Data Migration.

1. Log into your current Stripe account, the one will all of the current customer details.

2. Go to this link and create an migration request within Stripe from your source account. Fill the form in like so:




Your account name

What do you need help with?

Data Migrations

You are currently logged into X, with account ID: <your account id> You will need this value later.


What type of data migration can we assist you with?

Copy Data from one Stripe account to another Stripe account

Is your account the source or destination for this copy request?

Source: The account where the payment data will be copied from

Your account will be the source for this copy request

The account id from above where we reference <your account id>

What is the Stripe account ID of the destination merchant you will be sending data to?


Would you like to copy the full set of customers between the source and destination accounts, or only a partial subset?


Is there any other information you want us to know? Please tell us here. Thanks!

Leave blank

3. Email us as at [email protected] to let us know you will be migrating users over to your new Stripe Express account. You should have received an email from Stripe telling you they are starting the process. The email contains a migration request ID in the format migreq_123456789. Please include that in the email to us. If you don't have one, don't worry.

Note: Migrating that data over won't change your workflow, meaning all of your clients payments details will still be saved to their profiles and you can continue to take payment as normal.

If you have any general questions about the migration process before initiating a migration, you can select "Tell us about your other data migration use case" from their support form here.

What Information will I be able see in my Stripe Express account?

If you want to view information in your Stripe account, then you can go to Settings > Online Payment Integrations > Card Payment Integrations with Stripe (Express) & choose the option for View Stripe Account Details

From your dashboard, you'll be able to see data relating to how much is on the way to your bank account, money you've earned that's not yet paid out, as well as you total earnings as well.

When will I receive money into my bank account?

In order to receive money into your Stripe account, the first thing you need to make sure is that you are issuing Invoices to your clients which you can read about here. In most cases you will be able to see that money is On the way in your Stripe account straight away. You'll then generally see that in your Stripe balance within 3 days. From here, it's then sent to your bank account 7 days later (Meaning you'll receive those funds in 10 days).

How much will it cost to use?

All payments processed through Stripe Express accounts will be charged at the following rates, including TutorCruncher’s fee. Whether or not you use Split Payments, the pricing for processing payments through Stripe will all be under this pricing structure:

  • Pay as you Go: Payments taken this way will cost 2.65% of the amount charged.

  • Startup: Payments taken this way will cost 2.3% of the amount charged.

N.B: Please also note that this is preliminary pricing based on our projected costs, it may change in the future.

Is there an added fee for international payments?

There are no extra charges for international payments in which both the client and the company use the same currency.

In a situation that the client and the company use different currencies, the charges will depend on how the charge is issued. Here are two example situations, the description of events described here is true of any combination of currencies:

1.) A company based in the UK have a client in the United States. Their TutorCruncher account is set up to operate in GBP, but they create an Ad Hoc Charge for their US customer in USD. When the US client pays, the amount payable will show to them in USD. This payment will be deposited in the bank account of the UK company but will be held separately from their ordinary cashflow, in a separate USD account balance. Whenever this USD amount is drawn down from Stripe to a GBP bank account, it will incur a 1% currency conversion fee.

2.) The same UK company has a client in the US. In this case, they do not bill the client in USD. Instead they charge their services in GBP as they would normally. When the US client pays, they will be shown the amount payable in GBP. In order to pay this GBP invoice, the US client may be charged an additional fee by their bank or card provider. In addition to this, Stripe charges TutorCruncher a variable currency exchange surcharge. Currently, TutorCruncher has decided not to pass on these surcharges from Stripe to the company. This may change in the future, but it means that, currently, using this workflow, companies charging international clients will not incur any additional fees.

How do I choose whether or not to accept American Express?

American Express costs a lot more to process, so we have to charge a 2% extra fee for payments using that card type.

You can go to System > Settings > Stripe Card Payments, and there will be a checkbox for whether or not you wish to accept American Express cards as payment.

Is there a Stripe Express limit?

There is a £2000 limit which can be used on up to 40 payments per month.

Is there a minimum transaction amount that can be transferred to a bank account?

The minimum amount that can be transferred to a bank account is £1.00

Note: We recommend reading the following if you are a UK based company using Stripe

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