N.B: Signing up for a Payout account is only available if the company you are tutoring with has this feature enabled on their account.

What is a Payouts Account?

A Payouts Account allows you to be paid out automatically by the company you are working with. You sign up to an account with Stripe that's linked to TutorCruncher, and any payments made by clients will automatically split your compensation from the company's and send it to you.

How do I sign up for a Payouts Account with Stripe?

You can sign up for this by navigating to the Profile tab on their dashboard. From here, you'll be able to sign up on your profile under Payouts Account.

The next step is to choose the Sign Up Now tab, and this will redirect you to Stripe's sign up page.

Finally, you would need to review all of the details you have entered, just to make sure they are all correct.

It's important to note that you will have one Payouts account shared across all of your profiles with TutorCruncher.

How can I view my Payouts Account details?

If you want to view your Stripe account and see when the next payout is scheduled and how much is owed to you, then you can access this directly from your Profile. Under the Payouts Account section you can choose More Details.

From here, you will see your Stripe payout account ID, as well as the next payout that is due.

You can then choose View Account in Stripe and this will redirect you to Stripe's dashboard to view all of your earnings.

How and when do I receive funds into my bank account?

There are 3 stages to the process in receiving funds to your bank account.

Stage 1

The client pays for their service. The money will then transfer to your Stripe account in 7 calendar days.

Stage 2

The funds are in your Stripe account and will be automatically paid out at the next payout date. By default this is on the last day of each month, but you can change this by viewing your Payouts account in TutorCruncher.

You are also able to trigger a manual payout, which will transfer all available funds from your Stripe account. However, you are limited to doing this once per calendar month.

Stage 3

The funds are transferred to your bank account.

Can I export my transaction history from my Stripe account?

You can indeed! When logged into your payouts account, choose the Transactions tab. From here, there is an option to export all of the transactions that have been processed and this will generate a CSV file that can be downloaded directly.

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