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Payouts Accounts with Stripe
Payouts Accounts with Stripe

Learn about automated payouts and how they work

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Note: Signing up for a payouts account with Stripe is only available if the company you are tutoring with has this feature enabled on their account.

What is a Stripe payouts account?

A payouts account with Stripe allows Tutors to be paid automatically upon payment of an Invoice by a Client. Tutor payouts accounts are needed for Split Payments to work on Jobs.

How do I sign up for a Payouts Account with Stripe?

Simply navigate to the 'My Profile' section of your Tutor dashboard and click the Sign up now button within the 'Payouts Account' panel.

Signing up to a payouts account as a Tutor.

You will then be redirected to Stripe's website, where you can sign up by filling in and then reviewing your details. You will then be redirected back to your Tutor dashboard on submission, and the account will automatically be linked to TutorCruncher.

Signing up on Stripe.

Note: You will have one Payouts account shared across all of your profiles with TutorCruncher.

How can I view my payouts account details?

Simply navigate to the 'My Profile' section of your Tutor dashboard and select the View details button found within the 'Payouts Account' panel. This will open your payouts account panel, from where you can view a schedule of your upcoming and previous payouts, view your payouts account as it appears in Stripe, trigger a manual payout or adjust your automatic payout date.

An example of a Tutor's payouts account panel.

How and when do I receive funds into my bank account?

Once the Client pays their Invoice, it takes seven days for the money to reach your Stripe payouts account. Once there, the funds in your Stripe account will be automatically paid out at the next automatic payout date. If needed, you can also trigger a manual payout, which will transfer all available funds from your Stripe account.

How can I trigger a manual payout?

You can request a manual payout once per calendar month by navigating to your profile and selecting View details option under Payouts Account. Here, there is an option to trigger a manual payout and receive funds into your bank account.

Triggering a manual payout.

How long does it take to receive funds into my bank account after initiating a manual payout?

Manual payouts can take up to three business days to get to your bank account.

How do I change the automatic payout date?

You can change the day of the month Stripe automatically pays you by navigating to the 'My Profile' section of your Tutor dashboard before selecting the View details button within the 'Payouts Account' panel before clicking the Change Payout day button. From there, you will be able to adjust the automatic payment date to one of your choosing.

Changing the automatic payout date.

Note: Changing your automatic payout date won't take effect until the following month.

Can I export my transaction history from my Stripe account?

Yes - when viewing your payouts account within Stripe, select the Export button found within the 'Transactions' section. Selecting this will generate a CSV file that can be downloaded should provide them with more clarity on their payments.

I have an international bank account, can I still sign up for a Stripe payouts account?

You can indeed! Just make sure that the address linked to your TutorCruncher profile matches that of the location of where your bank is located internationally.

How can I receive my funds into my international bank account?

If you have an international bank account linked to your Stripe payout account, then you can only manually request a payout once a month. You will also incur a 1% Stripe conversion fee to exchange the branches currency to your own. Details of this will be provided within your payout accounts panel when initiating the payout.

How do I change my bank account details on my Stripe payouts account?

Simply navigate to the 'My Profile' section of your Tutor dashboard and select the View details button found within the 'Payouts Account' panel. Then click on 'View Account in Stripe' which will take you to your account on Stripe. Once there, click the Profile icon on the top right hand corner and update your bank account details via the 'Payout Details' section.

Updating bank account details on Stripe.

Note: Please make sure you don't have any pending payments (under processing) before changing/updating your bank account on Stripe.

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