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Learn about drafting and raising Payment Orders to facilitate payments to your Tutors here.

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Payment Orders are used in TutorCruncher to facilitate payments to your Tutors. They act similarly to payslips/pay stubs that provide the company and individual Tutors a breakdown of finished work and earnings. Payment Orders are generated once the Invoice associated with Lessons on the Payment Order has been paid unless specified otherwise.

Note: Generating and raising Payment Orders does not actually trigger a payment to the payee Tutor, it is simply an accounting tool to help you and your Tutors keep track of work done and monies owed.

The Draft Payment Orders page is found via Accounting > Draft Payment Orders and contains a list of all Payment Orders that have been drafted, but not sent to the Tutor yet, alongside how much the Payment Order is for and who the payee Tutor is. The email icon found on items in the list indicates that the Payment Order will be sent via email.

An example of a Draft Payment Orders page.

Here you can:

  • Select a Tutor’s name from either list to view their Payment Order’s details.

  • Use the Regenerate button to regenerate Payment Orders for any completed Lessons.

  • Use the Raise Confirmed Payment Orders button to raise any draft Payment Orders found in the 'Confirmed Payment Orders' panel.

  • Use the checkboxes next to an item in either of the lists to select it (selecting the checkbox next to a lists' title will select every item in that list).

  • Use the blue arrows next to items on either lists to move them to the adjacent panel.

An example of a draft Payment Order.

Here you can:

  • Use the View PDF button to preview the PDF that will be attached to the Payment Order's email.

  • Click Confirm Payment Order to confirm the draft Payment Order.

How do I create Payment Orders?

Once a Lesson has been marked as 'Complete', you can navigate to your Draft Payment Orders page and select Regenerate before specifying a date range for the Payment Orders to be generated for.

Regenerating Payment Orders for September.

Note: By default, Payment Orders will only generate for Lessons that have a paid Invoice associated with them. You can choose to generate Payment Orders including items not associated with a paid Invoice by using the aforementioned checkbox.

To confirm and raise a Payment Order, simply use the blue arrows next to an item on the list within the 'Draft payment Orders' panel to move it over to the 'Confirmed Payment Orders' panel. You can use the checkboxes next to items in the list to select multiple items, and then use the blue arrow at the very top to move them all over to the confirmed panel in one go.

Once they're in the confirmed panel, select Raise Confirmed Payment Orders to raise the confirmed Payment Orders.

Alternatively, you can navigate to a draft Payment Order by selecting its item on the list and clicking Confirm Payment Order.

How are my Tutors notified when I send them a Payment Order?

If the Tutor has a valid email address, they will be notified via the 'Send Payment Order' Email Definition. Your Tutors can also log into TutorCruncher and view their Payment Orders via the 'Payment Orders' tab.

With that said, Payment Orders can be sent without notifying the Tutor via email - you can do this when raising your confirmed Invoices; selecting Raise Confirmed Payment Orders will open the ‘Raise Confirmed Payment Orders’ panel, from where there will be a checkbox list of all the users who will be notified of the Invoice via email - simply deselect them from this list to prevent an email being sent.

Why is there a Lesson missing from my Tutor's Payment Order?

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Has the Lesson been marked as 'Complete'? If you navigate to the Lesson's main page, is there a green box indicating that the Lesson has been completed?

  • Is there a paid Invoice associated with the Lesson? If you didn't enable the 'Generate Payment Orders including items not associated with a paid Invoice' checkbox, the Lesson will not appear on the Payment Order if it doesn't have a paid Invoice associated with it.

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