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Learn about editing your sales pipeline stages here.

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When a prospective Client is registered with your TutorCruncher system, they join your sales pipeline. This pipeline is split into various stages, which can be changed via the Pipeline Stages panel.

The Pipeline Stages panel can be found via System > Settings > People and Activity > Pipeline Stages. It is used to create and reorder your Client sales Pipeline stages. You can have a maximum of six Pipeline stages.

An example of a Pipeline Stages page.

Here you can:

  • Use the Add Pipeline Stage to create a new pipeline stage. Selecting this will open the ‘Pipeline Stages’ panel, from where you can specify the stage’s name and display colour.

  • Rearrange the order of your pipelines stages by clicking and dragging them up or down the list - click Save Order to save any changes made.

By default, TutorCruncher includes three premade pipeline stages for you to use, but these can be edited or deleted by clicking on one of the stages to open the ‘Pipeline Stages’ panel, from where you can edit the Stage’s name and display colour or remove the pipeline stage altogether.

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