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How to screen share on a computer

TutorCruncher Video supports dual-screen shares. This means that up to 2 people can simultaneously screen share. You must use Chrome to screen share.

How to screen share

  • Use Chrome, screen sharing is not supported in other browsers.

  • Click the Share button in the bottom left of your screen to share.

  • A popup will appear, click on what you'd like to share. Either your Entire Screen, an Application Window, or a Chrome tab.

  • Click the Share button in the popup. If the button is greyed out, that means you haven't clicked on what you'd like to share. Go back to step 2, above.

Stopping a screen share

  • Click the Stop button in the controller, lower left.

  • Click the Stop sharing button in the banner at the top right of your screen.

  • Click the blue Stop sharing button in the Chrome banner.

Other notes

  • To share a slide deck or presentation, select your Entire Screen.

  • If you still can't screen share, refresh Chrome.

  • If you have multiple displays, the Entire Screen tab will let you pick which monitor you'd like to share.

  • The Chrome popup can be repositioned anywhere on your screen β€” giving you quick access to end your screen share.

Chat and participant lists

In any TutorCruncher Video meeting, you can chat with other participants and see the participant list, for free.

Some top-level bullet points:

  • Open chat and the participant list by clicking on Chat at the bottom of your screen while in a call

  • Chats are fully encrypted

  • You can download a copy of your chat history as a text file

  • Click Participant list to see a list of everyone in the call

  • Pro tip! You can change your name via the Participant list menu


  • Close a chat by clicking the close (x) icon. Or click the chat icon again

  • If you have the chat pane closed, a red notification appears on the chat icon, to let you know when someone has posted a new message

  • Clicking on a link shared in a chat opens in a new tab

Dial-in, audio-only

Every TutorCruncher Video meeting link includes an audio dial-in number, for 25+ countries

  • Dial-in is only audio

  • You also can use mobile video and mute the video. That way, a user can see screen shares and see other guests' video. Click on the link in iOS Safari or Android Chrome, and select Join with video.

  • We do not apply charges for audio dial-in. But please keep in mind that your own carrier rates still apply. Your phone/mobile company will charge you as usual for minutes.

How to join with dial-in

To use dial in to join a call, dial the number listed on the join page, and follow the instructions spoken to you over the phone to enter your pin.

At least one person must have joined the call over video before someone can dial-in.

Country numbers list

  • Australia: +61 386 582 211

  • Belgium: +32 7848 75 34

  • Brazil: +55 21 4560 1761

  • Canada: +1 226 270 3136

  • Finland: +358 9 31585980

  • France: +33 974 593 431

  • Germany: +49 157 3598 7250 (Mobile number)

  • Great Britain: +44 122 332 0694

  • Hong Kong: +852 5819 56 80

  • Ireland: +353 768 888 564

  • Israel: +972 37 207 632

  • Japan: +81 345 895 671

  • Kenya: +254 203 892 332

  • Mexico: +52 55 4163 6129

  • Netherlands: +31 852 080 598

  • New Zealand: +64 9 886 4652

  • South Africa: +27 875 509 374

  • Spain: +34 518 880 126

  • Sweden: +46 108 886 427

  • United States: +1 415-212-4409

Change your default dial-in country number

  • On the page to join your call, click Get more country numbers under the dial-in option.

  • Select the country you prefer.

  • Your selection becomes your default dial-in number, for all calls.

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