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Common Feature Requests
Common Feature Requests

A companion piece to our Feature Request Form

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This article serves as a companion piece to our online Feature Request Form, which allows you to give us feedback about what features are most important to you and your business.

Below are further details for the proposals we suggest as solutions to some of our more frequently requested features that we collect feedback on. We encourage companies to review the below options carefully, as it is often the minor details of features and their implementation that determine whether they are practical or impractical for use alongside our clients' varied business models.

Common Feature Requests List

A TutorCruncher smartphone app for Tutors

An app intended for Tutors to log their Lessons, write Reports, and other day-to-day tasks.

Online system generated CV/résumés for Tutors (easily shareable with Clients)

Tutors would have a public page listing their qualifications, skills, and other details you deem relevant from their profiles inside TutorCruncher. Admins could send prospective Clients links to this page, or they would be able to export this page as a PDF.

An in-app chat service to allow Tutors, Students and Clients to speak to each other

A chat service inside TutorCruncher which allows Tutors, Students, and Clients to speak to each other, provided they are already working together. Admins would be able to view all messages for safeguarding purposes. Any messages that are unread by a user are also emailed to the user.

(A chat box allowing conversation between Tutors/Students/Clients and Admins is already available via Intercom, email our Customer Success team if you’d like to learn more.)

Clients adding themselves to Jobs via their TutorCruncher login (as opposed to individual Lessons)

Through Bookable Lessons, Clients can currently book one of their Students onto Lessons that Admins mark as bookable when logged into TutorCruncher. This feature would allow Clients to book their Students onto entire Jobs, adding them to multiple Lessons at once.

Bookable Jobs via your company’s website (as a website plugin)

This would allow Clients to see what Jobs/Courses you make available on your company's website, and to book their children (or themselves, in the case of older learners) onto the whole Job. This is currently possible, but only with individual Lessons, rather than entire Jobs/Courses at once.

Selling Packages of tutoring hours via your company's website (as a website plug-in)

Packages would allow for your Clients to pay for a series of Lessons at once, and possibly at a discounted rate depending on how many they bought. TutorCruncher would then add that much credit to the Client’s balance.

For instance, Admins might define 2 different packages: Silver and Gold. The Silver package would be for 10 Lessons and cost $290. Your company usually charges $30 per Lesson, so you would tell TutorCruncher that the Client would get $300 of Lessons for $290. TutorCruncher would take payment for the $290 and add $300 to the Client’s account, giving the Client $10 of ‘bonus credit’. Likewise, the Gold package would be for 20 Lessons (which would usually cost $600) and cost $550, giving the Client $50 of ‘bonus credit’.

Your Clients would be able to access Packages from both within TutorCruncher, and from an optional website plugin into your company’s website.

Force Clients to enter payment method details before they can have a Lesson

This feature would mean that no Client would be able to attend a Lesson until they have saved payment method details to their profile in TutorCruncher. There are two versions of how this could work:

Version 1: Tutors/Admins would still be able to schedule Lessons with a Client’s students, but if a Client hasn’t entered their payment method details X hours/days (configurable by admins) before a Lesson is scheduled to start, then the Lesson is automatically cancelled (the Client would of course be automatically emailed during this time to remind them to add their details).

Version 2: Tutors/Admins would not be able to add the Client’s students to any planned Lessons.

Allow partial refunds of Client online payments from within TutorCruncher

Currently this is not possible if payment was made with either of our payment providers, Stripe and GoCardless.

Automated (Batch) Invoice regeneration and sending

A feature that would allow Invoices to be automatically generated by TutorCruncher and sent to Clients on a particular date (eg. 1st/15th/25th) of any given month.

Subscriptions that can be triggered weekly instead of just monthly

Subscriptions are a feature that allow companies to charge Clients a set amount per month (possibly instead of a charge per lesson), on a set day per month. This feature would add an option for Subscriptions to repeat weekly on specified days of the week (eg. Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Improved email Broadcasts (including drip feed campaigns)

TutorCruncher already has a feature called Broadcasts that allow Admins to bulk send emails to a filtered list of Clients, Tutors or Students. They are used for marketing emails or notices.

An improved version of this feature would give Admins a better view of Analytics for emails (open rate, click rate etc) and add extra functionality to send drip feed emails (queuing up emails so that, for example, one email can be sent to a Client one week after they have signed up to your company, another email is sent two weeks after etc). These are commonly used as marketing emails.

Improved Documents (including folders)

TutorCruncher already has a Documents feature.

These improvements would include a folder system, with access permission set at the folder level and renaming Documents.

An in-built file viewer for Documents

Currently, Documents saved in TutorCruncher must be downloaded in order to be viewed. This feature would allow users to view Documents from inside TutorCruncher, without the need to download them first.

Signature capture on Documents

This would require TutorCruncher to have already implemented a “file viewer” for Documents. If and when that were implemented, this feature would allow users to add dates and signatures directly to certain Documents (dependent on file type) on TutorCruncher without the need to download files first.

Terms & Conditions being unique per “role type” (Client/Student/Tutor)

Right now, TutorCruncher will show only one set of Terms and Conditions to all types of user (Tutor/Student/Client), this feature would allow companies to set different terms for each type of user.

Improved Translations

Improvements may include, for example, a (likely imperfect) template for other languages and bulk Translation of common terms.

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