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Here we'll learn how to adjust your video/audio settings in a TutorCruncher Video call.

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How can I join a call while muted?

TutorCruncher Video remembers your camera and mic preference when you leave a call. Simply leave a call with your camera turned off - the next time you join a call, you'll join muted (this can be turned on again within the call).

Note: allowing camera access is different from camera muting.

You'll be prompted to click 'Allow camera/microphone' when you join a call - once this has been allowed, you will have the option to mute/unmute yourself - not allowing camera/microphone access will prevent the browser from allowing you to mure or unmute yourself.

How can I change my camera/microphone?

You can easily change which microphone, camera, or speakers you use for a TutorCruncher Video call:

  • In the bottom menu of any call, click More.

  • Select Camera/microphone settings.

  • Within the window that pops up, select the mic, camera, or speakers that you'd like to use.

How can I mute other participants?

You can use Shh mode to mute other participants during a call. This feature is really useful in large calls, with lots of participants.

Poor call quality? Use Shh mode to mute other participants cameras. Video is a bandwidth hog, and each participants network may be overloaded during a large meeting.

How to activate Shh mode

  • Join your video call

  • Click the More icon in the lower-right

  • Click on Shh mode

  • Select what you'd like to mute: cameras, microphones or both

  • Click the green Mute button

Note: individuals can unmute themselves at any time during a call. We recommend a maximum of 6–8 cameras being turned on, at a time, during larger calls.

I'm using Google Chrome - why can't anyone hear me?

Chrome may not be set to the correct audio settings.

  • In your call menu, click More (to the right of the green Invite button)

  • Select Cam/mic settings

  • In the microphone dropdown menu, you may see two different options for your mic setting - Internal and Default.

  • Choose the Default version of your microphone.

I'm in a call and I'm having camera/microphone problems. Help!

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Do your cam/mic buttons say 'No cam' and/or 'No mic'?

  • Are the buttons red?

If your buttons say 'No cam' or 'No mic', your computer operating system is not talking to your browser.

  • Windows: Reboot

  • Mac: Reboot, or failing that:

  • Mac terminal line command: sudo killall VDCAssistant

Allow camera and mic access, for more control.

For privacy and security reasons, you have to give TutorCruncher Video permission to use your computer/browsers camera and microphone.

When you join a call click "Allow" to grant cam/mic permission to your browser.

This lets other guests see and hear you. You then can control mute/unmute in the call itself. If you click decline permissions, you can't control your camera/microphone in the call.

How to "Allow" permissions β€” by browser/OS

  • Chrome: click Allow, usually in the top left of your Chrome window

  • Edge: click Allow at the bottom of your Edge window

  • Firefox: top of your browser window

  • Safari: click Allow, also at the top of your browser window. Note: Safari prompts for allowing permissions each time you join a call (this is an Apple privacy measure, we cannot control this).

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