What is TutorCruncher Socket, and what can I do with it?

Want to integrate certain elements of TutorCruncher with your website? No problem, our 'Socket' feature would allow you to do exactly that! You can decide whether you want to display your tutors, bookable lessons, or set up an enquiry form through your website. When a prospective client fills out an enquiry or chooses a tutor/bookable lesson, that information then gets pulled directly into TutorCruncher from your website.

Enquiry Forms

Use Socket to display an enquiry form on your website. When a client fills out an enquiry, that information can then get pulled into TutorCruncher alongside a newly created profile for that client. Here's a guide on getting that setup & running with your agency.

Tutor Listings

Want to make it easy for a client to pick a tutor? Then you should try adding a tutor listing to your website. Have your tutors displayed neatly on your website & allow clients to view what subjects they teach, as well as a brief description of past experience & qualifications. Here's a guide on getting that setup.

Bookable Lessons

Make it easy for clients to pick lessons at a glance by showcasing some Bookable Lessons on your website. Prospective clients can book a student onto a lesson & they will be prompted to create a profile within your agency. Existing clients can also choose bookable lessons from your website, and these will then be displayed in their own calendar when they log into their account. Here's a guide on getting that setup & running with your agency.

Still a little curious? You can find more examples of how these types of Socket integrations would appear on your website over here!

The first step is to enable Socket within TutorCruncher.

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