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What are locations?

Locations are used to record where a lesson will take place. You can use locations to organise a workplace for your tutors and students. Locations can also be conflict aware, meaning that TutorCruncher will notify you if another lesson is booked during that time, in that location. You can set the default location of a job, and you can select a location when creating lessons. An associated tutor's or client's address can also be set as the default location for a job.

How do I create a location?

You can create a location by navigating to System > Settings > People and Activity > Locations and clicking the 'Add Location' button. Give your location a name and description, and select whether or not it is conflict aware. A conflict aware location will notify you if another lesson is scheduled at the time and place of the lesson you are creating. Conflict aware locations are usually more private settings such as a classroom or boardroom, as opposed to public settings like a library or cafeteria.

How do I add a lesson location to a lesson?

Once you have created a job, you will be able to add lessons to it and define the location of the lessons.

  1. Click 'Add New Lesson' within the lesson section of your job.

  2. Fill in the necessary details for the lesson. In the location drop down select your preferred location, this list will include any default locations that you set up within System > Settings > People and Activity > Locations. Furthermore, if a tutor or student on your lesson has a location on their profile, this will also show within this drop-down menu.

  3. Save the lesson. If you choose to turn this lesson into a repeating lesson, all future lessons will also contain the location of the original lesson.

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