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Within TutorCruncher, locations are used to indicate where a Lesson will take place. You can use locations to organise a workplace for your Tutors and Students. Locations can also be conflict aware, meaning that TutorCruncher will notify you if another Lesson is booked during that time, in that location. You can set the default location of a Job, and you can select a location when creating Lessons. An associated Tutor's or Client's address can also be set as the default location for a Job.

The Locations panel can be found via System > Settings > People and Activity > Locations. It’s used to create and edit your branch locations, whether that’s the address of a school or meeting place, or the address of one of your Tutors or Clients:

An example of a Locations page.

Selecting Add Location will open the Locations panel, allowing you to create a new Location, specify the name, address and description of the Location. You can also toggle whether the Location is Conflict Aware - having this checked will prevent the system from allowing two users to book the Location at the same time.

The Locations panel, with the Conflict Aware checkbox highlighted.

A Location to be used by default on all Lessons created on a Job can be set by navigating to that Job’s main summary page and selecting Actions > Select Default Location. This will open the ‘Select Default Location’ panel, from where you can specify a default Location for that Job from the dropdown menu. You can also choose whether to update all planned Lessons on that Job using the ‘Update planned Lessons’ checkbox - enabling this will update all planned Lessons on that Job with the new Location.

Setting a Job’s default Location.

If you would like to set a different Location for a specific Lesson, you can do so by navigating to that Lesson and selecting Actions > Edit - you can then specify a new Location for that particular Lesson via the ‘Location’ dropdown menu.

Setting a new Location for a Lesson.

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