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Learn more about the different types of job statuses & how to make changes to these

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How do I change the status of a job?

A job's status is set to Available for Application by default unless it is changed when creating the job. To change a job's status, go to the job details page and click the 'Actions' button. Select the new job status from the dropdown (the current status is highlighted and ticked).

What do the job statuses mean?

Pending means the job has not started yet.

In progress means the job is in progress.

Available for Application means that tutors can submit an application to the job.

Finished means that no new lessons can be added to that job, and current lessons cannot be edited.

Gone Cold means that no lessons/ad hoc charges have been completed on the job for the duration of your branch Service Inactivity Time.

How do I set the default status of newly created jobs?

You can set the default status of newly created jobs by going to System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity, and choosing an option under ‘Default Job Status’.

Why has a job Gone Cold?

A job will be marked as Gone Cold if there have been no completed lessons logged on the job for the amount of time set up in the 'Job Inactivity Time'.

When does a job go cold?

In your System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity there is a setting called 'Job Inactivity Time'. This is the number of days until a Job with no lessons/ad hoc charges completed will automatically be marked as Gone Cold.

This will apply to any job that is not set to Finished.

What happens when a job goes cold?

Once the status change has automatically applied, the relevant client manager will have a task created to follow-up on the job. Additionally, administrators who are subscribed to the 'Daily Update Notifications' will also receive a summary once a day of all the jobs that have Gone Cold. This way you can easily track any jobs which have not had lessons logged and follow-up with the relevant tutors.

In addition to the daily summary, TutorCruncher will create a task for the relevant client manager when the job goes cold. This task will be automatically marked as complete when the job is set to a status other than 'Gone Cold'.

Can I stop daily reminders for gone cold tasks?

You can stop new tasks being created from your gone cold jobs by going to your System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity, and unticking the 'Create Gone Cold task' checkbox.

For the existing tasks, you can go to your Activity > Tasks and mark them as complete to stop receiving daily reminders.

Will a tutor see a student's details on a pending job?

When a student and a tutor have been assigned to a job with a 'Pending' status, that tutor will only be able to see the name of the student. When the job status has been set to 'In Progress' & a job confirmation email has been sent, the tutor will then be able to view all the student's information as well as their contact details.

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