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Labels are tags that can be applied to users and Jobs in order to categorise them. They can be used to keep track of new Clients, Job caps, recruiting Tutors and more. Labels are particularly useful for cases where you need to group Jobs or users by a category that isn't covered by the default TutorCruncher functionality.

New Labels can be created by navigating to System > Settings > People and Activity > Labels and selecting Add Label. Selecting this will open the Label panel, where the Label’s Name, Display Colour and Applicable Objects can be specified. Labels can apply to one or multiple different types of object.

There is an optional dropdown menu for ‘Email Recipients', which allows you to select Administrators to be notified by email when that particular Label is added. There are also checkboxes for ‘Tutor Access’, which toggles whether or not Tutors can apply or remove the Label on Jobs, and also Client Viewable, which will toggle whether or not Clients can view that Label on their assigned Students and Jobs.

The Label window, with the Add Label button highlighted.

An example of a common Label is the First Lesson Complete Label, which is automatically applied to Jobs upon the completion of its first scheduled Lesson.

How do I apply Labels to my Jobs/users?

Applying Labels to a Job:

Labels can be applied to Jobs by navigating to the Job’s main page and selecting Actions > Label - selecting this will open a dropdown menu with a list of available Labels for the Job.

Applying Labels to a Job

Applying Labels to a user:

Labels can be applied to users by navigating to the desired user's profile (this could be a Tutor, Student, or a Client) and selecting Actions > Label - selecting this will open a dropdown menu with a list of available Labels for the user.

Applying Labels to a User

Labels can be applied to multiple users at once by navigating to the desired user list in People and selecting Filter. Selecting this will open the Filter panel, where the relevant attributes can be selected to filter the user list by (i.e. by location or subject category). Selecting Filter from this panel will then update the user list with the filtered users, and there will be a button at the top to Label all of the users shown on the list.

An example of a user list with the Filter and Label Users buttons highlighted; here, the Tutor list has been filtered to only show Tutors who live within three miles of TutorCruncher HQ.

What Labels does TutorCruncher create automatically?

Here is a list of the default Labels that TutorCruncher creates upon creating your account:

  • Self Sign Up: Applied to Tutors and Clients when they sign themselves up to an account with your company.

  • First Lesson Complete: Applied to a Job when the first lesson has been marked complete.

  • Cap Limit Labels: Used to show how close to the cap limit a Job is.

  • Enquiry: Created when a Client submits an enquiry form.

  • Invited for Interview: Created when a Tutor who applies for a Job has been invited for an interview.

  • Inactive Job: Applied when a Job goes inactive for a certain length of time - the duration after which this Label is applied can be adjusted in System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity in the Job Inactivity Time field.

Who can view Labels?

Administrators can always choose who can view Labels. If you want either a Client or Tutor to view it on a Job/lesson, then you can tick the options 'Client Viewable' or 'Tutor Access'.

How do I receive notifications when a Label is applied?

When creating or editing a Label, you can choose to email Administrators when a Label is applied. Simply fill in the Email Recipients field on a Label to suit your needs.

An example of this would be to receive an email when a Tutor or Client signs themselves up, as the 'New Sign up' Label is applied.

Who can make edits to Labels?

Admins are the only users who can create or make edits to Labels. Tutors and Clients will be able to see a Label if they have been given access to it, but they will not be able to edit it.

Can I use Labels to give viewing permissions on a document?

Yes, you can use Labels to allow certain users to view a document. First, create and assign the applicable users to that Label. Once the Label has been created, navigate to Activity > Documents, and select a document. Choose to add an access permission, and select ‘User with a certain Label’. Choose the Label you wish to apply access to, then click Save.

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