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See all of your jobs at a glance & filter by the date it was created, as well as last activity on that job

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How do I filter the jobs list?

The jobs list page can be sorted by date created and date of last activity, and by clicking the filter option, you can show only jobs linked to certain tutors, clients, students or client managers. You can even filter the jobs for the date of last activity, so you can look at jobs created in the last few months that haven't had activity on them in the last couple of weeks. This lets you keep track of your jobs to make sure that lessons are being scheduled.

What do the Colored circles mean beside listed jobs?

These coloured circles represent the calendar colour which has been assigned to that job, and to the lessons which take place within it. This dictates how that job and those lessons are displayed on the calendar. Because this colour is also featured in the list view, it can also be handy (in tandem with labels - read more here) for distinguishing job and lessons by their different categories at a glance.

For example; Do you want to set up distinct product offerings for your tutoring services? You could set up distinct colours that correspond to 1-on-1 and Face-to-Face tutoring, Group Face-to-Face tutoring, 1-on-1 Online tutoring and Group Online tutoring, for an easy view as to what product category your jobs all fit into.

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