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Learn how to set up jobs to make them available for application & allow your tutors to apply to them
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How to make a job available for application and send notifications

A job is a link between a tutor and a student, or multiple students. If it is a class or group lesson you can even assign multiple tutors to a single job. Lessons are created and logged within a job and charges and payments are created for each lesson that is logged.

Step by step process

  • This tutorial covers creating a new job as available for application by tutors. If you know who is going to be the tutor for a client already, then please see the other video mentioned below.

  • To add a job, go to Activity > Jobs

  • Then click 'Create New Job'.

  • Fill in the job name, description, the charge rate and tutor rate, and click ‘Save’.

  • You can add students by clicking the 'Add Students' button.

  • At this point, you can add the required skills needed for the job by clicking the 'Add Skill Set' button.

  • You can choose whether it is a required skill, or merely a preferred one.

  • You can choose a specific subject, qualification level or simply a subject category, depending on your needs.

  • If you want to add more skills, then you can do so.

  • You can select the default location of the job.

  • You can send job notifications to your tutors to encourage them to apply. You can customise the notifications to only be sent to tutors with the relevant skills.

  • If you have set a location on your job, you can even send a notification to all the tutors within a certain radius. To find out more about locations, visit the link in the description.

  • In the job’s activity, you can view who you have already sent notifications to, and when.

  • If a tutor applies for a job, you can view their application in the Job Applications panel, and choose to accept or reject it.

  • When a tutor’s application is accepted, they receive an email informing them about it, and they are added as a tutor to the job.

More information

How do I send notifications for a job?

You can send notifications out regarding a job that is 'Available for Application'. Navigate to the job's details page, go to Matching, and then click the 'Send notification' button. Select whether you want to send notifications to all tutors or to those with the desired skills and click 'Send'. Emails will be sent out with the job name, description, and a link to apply. You can edit the message structure of your job notification from System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Definitions.

How can tutors apply to a job?

'Available for application' means that your tutors can see this job and apply to teach it. They will be shown the name, description and pay-rate. They will not be shown the client name and address or the charge-rate of the job.

Once an available job has been saved, notifications can be sent out to tutors informing them of the potential work. To keep it relevant to them, you can filter the list of tutors who are notified using skillsets. You can choose to inform all approved tutors, just those with all of the required skills, or those with at least one matching teaching skill. These skill-matching notifications mean that your tutors will only get relevant jobs emailed to them, rather than spamming them with lots of irrelevant ones as well.

Once a tutor has applied to teach a certain job, you can view their applications by hovering over their name. Approving them will assign them to the job.

How do I accept tutor applications to a job?

When tutors apply to a job, their applications will be shown in the 'Job Applications' panel within the Matching tab. From the panel, you can view, accept, and reject your applications. If you accept or reject an application, an appropriate email will be sent to the tutor, notifying them of the decision.

How do admins receive new job application notifications?

Who will receive job notifications?

You can choose who you send a job notification out to based on the skills required for each job, using the 'Notify' drop-down menu. You can also choose to add filters based on Location and Labels.

Job notifications will be sent to tutors who are not deleted, are approved, have a working email address, and have job notifications turned on.

You can check whether a tutor has their job notifications turned on by going to People > Tutors, clicking ‘Edit’ and check whether the ‘Receive Job Notifications’ checkbox is ticked. If this tick box is checked, then the tutor will receive job notifications.

How do admins receive new job application notifications?

If an admin or client manager wishes to be notified when a tutor applies for a job, this notification can be turned on in Settings > People & Activity > Activity > "Group to notify when a Tutor applies for a Job". These notifications can be sent to the relevant client managers, admins generally, or both. There is also an option to disable job application notifications completely.

Can I filter who will receive job notifications?

Yes, you can filter who will receive job notifications. The first thing to do is go to the job's details page and add a skill set to the job. Here, you can decide on a subject category as well as the skill level. Then at the top of the jobs page select 'Send Notifications'. You can select to notify tutors who match that skill set or to send to all tutors. The next step then is to check through the list and select what tutors you want to be notified, then press send.

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