Price Plans and Upgrading your Account

Find out more on the different price plans that we offer, as well upgrading & changing your account

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What are the different price plans?

TutorCruncher offers three different price plans to choose from:

  • Pay as you go

  • Startup

  • Enterprise

Our price plans are flexible and scale with your company as it grows.

Check out our website for more information or contact us to work out the best deal for your company.

How do I upgrade my account level?

If you are interested in changing your price plan, you can easily update it by going to System > Billing. Here you can use the drop-down menu to select whether you want to be on Pay-As-You-Go or Start-Up.

If you would like to start using our enterprise package or have any questions about any of our price plans, please get in touch with our support team via the in-app chat or by emails .

What currencies can I pay in?

TutorCruncher billing supports GBP, EUR, and USD. You can choose to pay in whichever currency you feel most comfortable using.

Please note: Our fees are not changed based on live conversion rates, meaning fluctuations in exchange rates will not directly affect our EUR/USD pricing.

Can I pay by direct debit for the invoices I receive from TutorCruncher?

You can indeed! Just make sure to drop one of the team an email requesting this & we will send you out an email to get that direct debit mandate set up & running for your account.

I’m not too sure If I can change the billing email address?

Want to change the person that receives the monthly invoice from TutorCruncher? That’s no problem, you can change the billing email in your system settings. Just navigate to System > Billing, and then choose to edit billing details. Once those settings have been saved, those invoices will now be sent to the new email address.

How do I cancel my TutorCruncher subscription?

You can cancel your TutorCruncher subscription by going to System > Billing and selecting the ‘Terminate Company Account’ button.

Please note: Your cancellation will take effect from the following calendar month.

For example, if you decided to cancel your account on the 18th of February, you will still be charged for February at the end of the month.

How do I change my support package?

If you would like to subscribe to one of our support packages, upgrade to a higher support tier or cancel your support, you can do this by going to System > Billing and selecting the change support plan button. Here you can select Chat Support or Phone Support.

The 'Chat Support' Package gives you priority access to our support staff and access to our in-app chat. This subscription means you can get support much faster.

The 'Phone Support' Package gives you the option to phone our support staff to get help with issues you are experiencing. This package also means you can book in training sessions for free.

If you want to find out more about these packages you can go to our website.

I have suspended my account and would like to reactivate it.

If you previously have had your account suspended and would like to reactivate it, you can send us an email at and we can activate it again.

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