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The Student/Client Relationship
The Student/Client Relationship
Here you can find out how to set up a student who is also a client, as well as assigning multiple clients to a student profile
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How do I manage a student that's also a Client?

The easiest way to create a student as a client is to first create their profile as a client, select the ‘Actions’ button under their profile and click ‘Add as Student’.

Alternatively, if you already have the student's profile, you can create a new client with the same email address as the student. This will link the new client with the student.

When creating the client’s profile you will be prompted to ‘Add a Client associated with this user’. Clicking this link will automatically create a student profile and pull through some of the client’s details.

Make sure you correctly include all other details when creating the client (phone number, address, etc.), because the new role will overwrite their existing details.

Associated Clients

Want to assign multiple clients to a student profile? No problem! Using associated clients is great if you want to assign multiple clients to the one student account. You as an admin can decide what permissions you want to assign to associated clients, whether that’s viewing and paying invoices, or allowing associated clients to cancel and book lessons in full. Associated clients will be able to view a students profile, as well as any lessons that are associated with the student by default.

How do I assign multiple Clients to a Student?

Simply go to the student's page and click the +Add tab next to 'Associated Clients'.

What are the different permissions that I can assign to an associated client?

Associated clients will be able to view a students profile, as well as any lessons that are associated with the student by default. Here, we’ll be breaking down the different permissions that you can assign to an associated client, and how to get the most out of these type of users on the platform:

Accounting Permissions - The client will be able to view all accounting data to do with the student, and will receive also receive invoices for that student.

Lesson Booking Permissions - This permission allows associated clients to cancel and book lessons in full. Whenever an associated client books a lesson, emails are sent to the associated client and any relevant paying clients. The students lessons will also be viewable from the associated clients calendar as well.

Access To Lesson Reports - With this permission, associated clients will receive and will have access to the students lesson reports through TC. This also means that any associated client with access to reports and accounting permissions will receive reports along with invoices.

Will an associated client by able to access the whiteboard integration on a lesson?

They can indeed! Associated clients would be able to view the lesson details page by default, and they can also access the whiteboard link in the 'Upcoming Lessons' section on their dashboard. Alternatively, you can send Lesson Reminders to Associated clients as well (Just make sure to enable the checkbox for 'Send to Associated Clients' when creating that reminder).

Can an associated client still receive emails and not have a TutorCruncher login?

Yes, an associated client can still receive emails and not have a TutorCrunhcer login. When creating the client profile, enter the user's email address & set the status to ‘Prospect’. The user will not receive a ‘Welcome Email’ if the setting for ‘Send Pipeline Clients a Welcome Email’ is disabled in Branch Details. Once the permissions have been assigned to the associated client's profile, they will then be able to receive emails relating to the student without having a TutorCruncher login.

What accounting information will an associated client receive?

When an associated client is linked to a student, you can give them accounting permissions. This means that the associated client will be able to view and pay credit requests, as well as invoices when they are generated.

Why can't I change the Paying Client?

TutorCruncher blocks users from changing paying clients if there are any Payment Orders or Invoices associated with the client. We understand that this may be a little inconvenient, but the reason we have this feature in place is to try to ensure that a new student does not have any bad debt associated with them.

If you are attempting to change a student's paying client, then you will need to credit any paid invoices or void any raised invoices to make that change.

Can a client edit a students profile?

They can indeed! If you are a client and you have a student assigned to your profile, you have the ability to edit that students profile. The first thing you will need to do is to navigate to the section titled 'My Students' on the left-hand side of your login.

From here, you can choose the student profile that you want to edit. Similar to editing your own profile settings, you will need to select the 'Actions' tab just under the students' profile picture, & then click 'Edit'.

You can then update the user's profile settings from here, as well as adding any additional information under the 'Extra Fields' section. If you are an admin and want a client to be able to view and edit a student's custom field, just make sure to enable the checkbox for 'Client Access' when creating that custom field for students. You can find more information on creating custom fields here.

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