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How do I upload a document?

Documents can be uploaded by administrators, tutors, clients, and students, and can be given specific viewing permissions. To upload a document, navigate to Activity > Documents and select either 'Single Document Upload' or 'Multiple Document Upload'. You will then be asked to select the document(s) you'd like to upload before you can enter a description and specify viewing permissions.

Documents can also be uploaded to specific jobs or lessons. If you are on a lesson, you can upload documents that are related to that lesson by navigating to the lesson details and clicking the upload button in the 'Documents' panel. Administrators can also upload documents to specific users by navigating to a user's profile and clicking the upload button in the 'Documents' panel.

Who can view my uploaded documents?

Each document that is uploaded can have multiple viewing permissions set. You can set a document to be viewable to all users with a login to your system, to just clients, just tutors, or just the tutors and students assigned to a particular job. The users will then see this newly uploaded document appear in the documents section and be able to view or download it. To edit a document's title and description, navigate to the Activity > Documents page, select a document and click 'Edit'. Alternatively, you can access a document directly from a users profile and make edits to it from there.

If you are on a document, the fields under 'Access Permissions' will tell you which users have access to that document, including the user who uploaded the document. To grant access to a new group of users, click the plus icon next to 'Access Permissions', select a group and click 'Save'.

Can Pending Users View Documents That I Upload?

Yes, Pending tutors and Prospect clients, as well as all other users, can be given access to documents. For instance, you may have a document that you would like to be accessible for prospective clients only. When choosing what access to grant on a specific document, select 'Client with specific status'. Then on the drop-down menu for client status, select Prospect (Pipeline). Now any document that has this permission set will be viewable to prospective clients in their account. Similarly, if you want a document to be accessible to all of your tutors regardless of their status select the Access Permission on the document for "All Tutors within Branch".

Can I use labels to give viewing permissions on a document?

Yes, you can use labels to allow certain users to view a document. The first step is to create and assign the applicable users to that label. You can follow our guide here on creating & assigning labels. Once the label has been created, navigate to Activity > Documents , and select a document. Choose to add an access permission, and select ‘User with a certain label’. Choose the Label you wish to apply access to, then click save.

What users would have viewing access permission on a document for if I selected 'Company Billing'?

There are different viewing permissions that can be assigned to individual documents. If the access permission for 'Company Billing' was chosen, then admins who have owner permissions would be able to view that document.

Can I search for a specific document?

Yes, you have the ability to search for a specific document. To search for a document, navigate to Activity > Documents and click on the 'Filter' tab. Here, you can filter documents based on upload date as well as the job it was uploaded to. Once you have entered the relevant information, press filter.

Why isn't my document uploading?

There are a few reasons that a document might not upload successfully. If a document takes too long to load on our servers (over thirty seconds), then the upload will timeout. 20 MB is the max file size that a document can be. If the file is taking to long to upload, make sure that it has already been downloaded. Dragging and dropping a file from another browser window may cause the upload to timeout.

Accepted file formats for uploads

There are a number of different file types that you can upload onto TutorCruncher. Here is a list of the accepted file formats:

Video 3GPP2 / 3GPP / mp2t / MPEG/ Ogg / WebM / x-msvideo

Image BMP / GIF / JPEG / PNG / SVG+XML/ TIFF / / WebP

Text Calendar / CSS / CSV / HTML / Javascript / Plain / XML

Audio 3GPP / 3GPP2 / AAC / MIDI / MPEG / OGG / OPUS / WAV / WebM / X-MIDI


Application EPUB + ZIP / JSON / LD+JSON / MS Word / OGG / PDF / RTF / VND.MS-Excel / VND.MS-Fontobject / VND.MS-Powerpoint / VND.Oasis.Opendocument / VND.OpenXMLFormats-OfficeDocument / X-HTTPD-PHP / X-Shockwave-Flash / XHTML+XML

Can a tutor delete documents that have been uploaded to their profile?

Tutors can only delete documents that have been uploaded by themselves. An admin would have the ability to upload and delete any documents that have been uploaded to users profiles. To delete a document, simply click on that document and click on the 'Delete' tab at the top of that page.

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