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Learn about uploading and managing documents here.

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Documents are a way of uploading and sharing files on TutorCruncher without sending them to individuals manually. Documents can be uploaded to Jobs, Lessons, user profiles and the 'Documents' page itself in Activity > Documents. They are typically used for worksheets, teaching resources or homework assignments, but can be used for purposes that extend far beyond that. All user types can upload documents.

To upload a document, navigate to Activity > Documents and select Single Document Upload or Multiple Document Upload - this will open the ‘Add Document’ window, from where you can upload a document either by dragging it in or clicking on the box to upload from your file explorer. You can also add in a description and specify which role types will be able to access it.

The ‘Add Document’ window.

Documents can also be uploaded to Jobs or Lessons; both Jobs and Lessons have a documents panel from where you can upload documents to be attached to the Job/Lesson. Simply navigate to the Job/Lesson and select Upload in the ‘Documents’ tab and drag a file into the ‘File Upload’ box or click to upload via your file explorer:

An example of a Job’s main page, with the ‘Documents’ panel highlighted.

If you would like to specify user permissions for the file uploaded here, you can do so by clicking on the file in the ‘Document’s panel - this will open the file’s page, from where you select Add under ‘Access Permissions’ from where you can specify the various different user types or individual users that you wish to grant access to.

An example of a Document’s main page, with the ‘Access Permissions’ panel highlighted - note that from here you can also use the purple X icon to remove the document’s association with the Job/Lesson you’ve attached it to.

Documents can also be uploaded to Tutor, Client and Student profiles - to do this, simply navigate to their user profile and use the Upload button within the 'Uploaded Documents' panel to upload the document to their profile:

An example of a Student's profile, with the 'Uploaded Documents' panel highlighted.

Who can see uploaded documents?

Any uploaded document could have various viewing permissions specified. You could choose whether a document is visible to all users who have logged in, or restrict access to only Clients, only Tutors, or only the Students and Tutors attached to the specific Job/Lesson. Any users with access will be able to view and download the document, and will be able to find the document either via the Job/Lesson page it was attached to or via the Documents tab from their user dashboard.

To alter the user access permissions on a specific document, either locate the document via the Job/Lesson or user it was attached to, or navigate to Activity > Documents and select the document from the list before clicking Add on the ‘Access Permissions’ panel - this will open the ‘Add Document Access’ panel, which contains a dropdown menu from which you can select which users can access the document along a variety of categories, including:

  • All Tutors within Branch: Any Tutor within the Branch can view the document.

  • All Clients within Branch: Any Client within the Branch can view the document.

  • All Students within Branch: Any Student within the Branch can view the document.

  • All Affiliates within Branch: Any Affiliate within the Branch can view the document.

  • Individual Tutor: Only the specified individual Tutor can view the document.

  • Individual Client: Only the specified individual Client can view the document.

  • Individual Student: Only the specified individual Student can view the document.

  • Individual Affiliate: Only the specified individual Affiliate can view the document.

  • Tutors with a specific status: Only Tutors with a specific profile status (Pending/Approved/Rejected/Dormant) can view the document.

  • Clients with a specific status: Only Clients with a specific profile status (Prospect/Live/Dormant) can view the document.

  • Users with a certain Label: Only users with a specific Label applied to their profile can view the document.

  • Individual Job: Any user attached to a specific Job can view the document.

  • Individual Lesson: Any user attached to a specific Lesson can view the document.

  • Company Billing: Any Administrator with accounting permissions can view the document.

Why can't my users access an uploaded document?

The most likely explanation for this is that they don't have the relevant access permissions to view the document - to rectify this, simply navigate to the document's page and select Add within the 'Access Permissions' panel to give the document the relevant access permissions.

An example of a document's page, with the 'Access Permissions' panel highlighted.

How can I search for my company's documents on TutorCruncher?

Simply navigate to Activity > Documents and select Filter to open up the ‘Filter Documents’ panel - from here you can filter out the documents list by the document name, creation/upload date range, author/uploader, which role type it pertains to or which Job/Lesson it was attached to.

The ‘Filter Documents’ panel.

Why can't I upload a document?

There are a number of possible causes for a document not to upload correctly. The upload will time out if a file takes longer than thirty seconds to load onto the system. The maximum file size for a document is 20 MB. You could also verify whether the file has been downloaded if the upload is taking too long. The upload may also time out if you drag and drop the file from another browser window.

One of my Tutors has uploaded a document to their profile - can they remove those documents?

Only documents that the Tutor has submitted themselves can be deleted from their end. Any documents that have been uploaded to users' profiles could be deleted by an Administrator. To do this, simply select the document and click Delete.

What file formats are accepted by TutorCruncher?

Accepted file formats include:

  • Video 3GPP2 / 3GPP / mp2t / MPEG/ Ogg / WebM / x-msvideo

  • Image BMP / GIF / JPEG / PNG / SVG+XML/ TIFF / / WebP

  • Text Calendar / CSS / CSV / HTML / Javascript / Plain / XML

  • Audio 3GPP / 3GPP2 / AAC / MIDI / MPEG / OGG / OPUS / WAV / WebM / X-MIDI

  • Font OTF / TTF / WOFF / WOFF2

  • Application EPUB + ZIP / JSON / LD+JSON / MS Word / OGG / PDF / RTF / VND.MS-Excel / VND.MS-Fontobject / VND.MS-Powerpoint / VND.Oasis.Opendocument / VND.OpenXMLFormats-OfficeDocument / X-HTTPD-PHP / X-Shockwave-Flash / XHTML+XML

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