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What is an Administrator?

Administrators have the most control over the system and are generally required for most day to day activities. They can create and edit users, manage jobs and lessons, send emails and notifications, manage accounting, and edit system settings. Only administrators are allowed to create new jobs, accept tutor applications, and add students to jobs. Multiple administrators can be created with varying permissions.

How do I create an Administrator?

  1. If you are an administrator, you can create a new one by navigating to People > Administrators and clicking the 'Create New Administrator' button.

  2. Enter in the new admin's details and permissions then click 'Submit'.

  3. If you wish to give one of your existing users an Administrator role, then include that user's email address in the form, and the Administrator role will be linked to their account. Make sure you correctly include all other details on the form (phone number, address, etc.), or else the new form will overwrite their existing details.

How do I edit an Administrator's details/permissions?

If you are an administrator, you can edit another admin's details and permissions only if you have the 'View Admins' and 'Edit Admins' permissions.

  1. Navigate to People > Administrators, click on the admin you wish to edit.

  2. Click the 'Actions' button, and select ‘Edit Profile’.

  3. Enter your changes to the admin's details and/or permissions then click 'Submit'.

What do the different administrator permissions mean?

If you are an owner, you can grant different permissions to an adminstrators profile. Here is a list of those permissions, and the access that they give to an admin on your branch:

Owner: An Owner can access everything and has all permissions.

Change Branch: This will allow an Admin to switch between the different Branches in your agency.

View Operations: This permission is for viewing the Dashboard, People, Activity and Communications. This includes Roles, Jobs, Lesson and Ad Hoc Charges. It doesn't allow editing of them.

Edit Operations: The same as 'View Operations', but the Admin will be able to edit items as well as view them.

View Accounting: With this permission, an Admin can view Account Balances, Invoices, Payment Orders and other information relating to Accounting.

Edit Accounting: The same as 'View Accounting', but admins can send and edit Invoices, Adjust Client Balances and Take Payments.

View Analytics: An Admin can access the Analytics section to review Income Reports and more.

Edit Branch Settings: This allows the Admin to edit settings that relate to the Branch, such as Branch Credentials, Accounting Details and details displayed on PDF documents.

Import/Export: With this permission, an Admin can import and export Users, Lesson and Accounting information.

Edit Company Settings: This allows an Admin to edit settings that relate to the Company, such as Labels and Tax Setups.

Use and configure the API: This permission will allow your other admins to access the API and its settings

Why is an admin not able to access ‘Public Files’?

An admin will not be able to access 'Public Files' if they do not have the permission for ‘Change Branch’ assigned to their profile. Public files are available on an agency level, meaning an admin will not be able to view these if they do not have permission to access all the branches of an agency.

What is an owner?

An owner has full access to all administrator permissions and all of the system's functions. At least one administrator account with owner permissions is necessary for the system to operate. When you first create an agency on TutorCruncher, your administrator role will be set as an owner.

What is a client manager?

A client manager is a role you can assign to any Administrator within your TutorCruncher system.

The client manager role is useful if you have certain admins within your system oversee a group clients, such as a school administrator. If this role is applied to an admin they will relieve extra notifications about clients, for example receiving a reminder if any of their assigned clients need to top-up their account.

This function may be especially helpful for anyone who does not give their clients direct access to TutorCruncher.

What information will a client manager receive?

An admin can assign themselves as a client manager if they want to receive some of the same email notifications that a client would receive. In most cases, an admin would want to give themselves this role to stay up to date if a client's balance was getting low, or if the client did not have access to the platform. They would recieve low balance notifications, lesson reminders, as well as notifications on lesson details changing.

How do I make someone a Client manager?

  1. To set someone as a client manager, they must first be made an administrator.

  2. Once you have completed this, navigate to People > Administrators, click on the admin you wish to make a client manager.

  3. Select the ‘Actions’ button under the users image and click ‘Edit Profile’ within the drop down menu.

  4. Select the ‘Client Manager’ checkbox, and click ‘Submit’.

  5. If you then navigate to a client's profile and click the 'Set Client Manager' button, you should then see the new client manager's name in the dropdown list.

Is there a way to automatically assign admins as client managers?

There is indeed! If the setting for ‘Client Manager’ has been checked in an admins profile settings, then any client account that is created by that admin account will be assigned to them. An easy way to check this is to have a look at the ‘Clients’ section on an admins profile to see what users they are client manager to.

Which emails/notifications do Administrators receive?

Administrators can receive emails which inform them about events in the system and give weekly updates. The types of emails are:



Job Application Notifications

The admin will receive an email when a tutor applies to a job

Client AutoCharge Notifications

The admin will receive an email when clients are AutoCharged

Client Enquiry and Booking Notifications

The admin will receive an email when a client enquiries through your website or books into a lesson

Subscription Update Notifications

The admin will receive an email when a subscription is updated

Weekly Update Notifications

The admin will receive weekly updates via email

Daily Update Notifications

The admin will receive daily notifications of jobs which have Gone Cold

Payment Order Payout late failure

The admins will receive notifications about payout failures

User data deletion requests

The admin will receive user data deletion requests

To turn individual notification types on or off, go to the admin's profile, click on 'Edit', and adjust the settings as desired.

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