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When you first create an account with TutorCruncher, you are initially given two branches. There is your main branch, which is the live branch that you operate and manage your tutoring business from, and your demo branch, which is a testing environment from which you can test out different parts of your TutorCruncher platforms without those changes affecting anything in your main branch.

You can access your demo branch by selecting your branch name from the top left hand corner of your dashboard and choosing 'View demo data' from the dropdown menu.

Accessing the demo branch.

Once in the demo branch, you can select Switch to live at the top left hand side of the dashboard to return to your main branch.

An example of a demo branch dashboard, with the Switch to live button highlighted.

Can I have multiple branches?

You can have multiple branches within your company’s TutorCruncher platform to split up business reporting, users and have separate tax settings and billing flows if needed. This is particularly useful for multi-branch companies who might have different centres throughout a country, or have multiple branches across different countries.

Extra branches are easy to set up - message the team at with the desired name of your new branch and let us know whether you would like to copy any settings across to the new branch, or start a completely blank branch with default settings.

Extra branches cost £40 per branch, which is included in your monthly bill.

Can I duplicate my branch?

While it is possible to copy your original branch’s system settings, it is not possible to copy across that branch’s users, Jobs or Lessons.

How do I cycle between my company’s different branches?

Simply click on the branch’s name at the top left hand side of the screen and choose the branch you’d like to navigate to from the dropdown menu.

Can I specify the default branch that my Tutors can sign up to?

If your company has multiple branches, you can specify which branch is the default that your Tutors can sign up to via the ‘Default signup branch’ dropdown menu found via System > Settings > Company Details > Company Details.

Can my Tutors have one login across multiple branches/agencies?

Yes, this is done via the Global Profile - read more about that here.

How do I delete a branch?

Message the team at specifying the branch you would like to remove and we can make that happen.

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