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The user map (found via People > Map) is a tool that can be used to pinpoint where your Clients, Students and Tutors are geographically located. A particularly useful tool for in-person tutoring.

The data gathered here can also be utilised for marketing purposes; for instance, if you have numerous tutors but few students in a particular sector, it might be an indication to increase your marketing efforts in that area.

Can I customise my search?

Yes - to customise which user types appear on the map, select the ones you'd like to view from the options and select Filter. You can also adjust the geographical area of the map by entering an address and a radius in the two fields on the right. Select ‘Only show active users’ to filter out any users who are pending or dormant.

The User Map, filtered to show only an agency’s Clients.

Why are my users not showing?

The most common explanation for this would be due to the address that you entered not being recognised by Google Maps (Google interprets the address based on the user address details listed on their account in TutorCruncher). A workaround for where this happens would be to alter the address to one that is compatible with Google Maps, before updating the Client's profile with the new address.

Can I match Tutors to Students based on their geographic proximity?

Yes - simply input the Students address and select a radius and the ‘Tutor’ role type before using the Filter button - the map should update to only show Tutors within that area.

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