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In cases where you wish to attach or link to an image, document or PDF etc. in emails sent to your users, you can use the Public Files page to upload files that are publicly viewable. This means that anyone with the link will be able to access the file.

The Public Files page (found via Communications > Public Files) is a list of any media files uploaded to your TutorCruncher system that are publicly available - typically these are used for emails, PDFs or custom site theming. These files are publicly viewable, meaning that they will be downloadable by any users who are receiving communications with those files attached.

Read more about attaching documents//PDFs to your emails here.

An example of a Public Files page.

The list includes columns for the file’s name, its uploader, and when it was uploaded. Use Delete to delete the file.

Why can’t one of my Administrators access my Public Files?

Public Files are available at the agency, rather than the branch level, meaning that any Administrators that are looking to view these will need permission to access all branches of your agency. To enable this, you will need to navigate to their profile, select Actions > Edit Profile and enable the ‘Change Branch’ permission.

The Administrator’s Permissions panel, with ‘Change Branch’ highlighted.

I've removed a user's access to a file - why are they still able to view/edit it?

Users will be able to view/edit any files that they have uploaded themselves, irrespective of their access permissions.

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