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Activity (Analytics)
Activity (Analytics)

Learn about the Activity page here.

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You can track Actions performed by your users via the Activity page.

The Activity page can be found via Analytics > Activity and contains a record of how many Actions were performed within a specified time period, visualised as a simple bar chart. The date range for the data shown can be adjusted via the ‘Date Range’ filter, and the bar chart’s resolution (whether the data is shown in intervals of days/weeks/months) can be adjusted via the ‘Interval’ dropdown menu.

You can also filter out the Actions reflected in the data via the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu, which includes a list of all possible Actions that could be performed by one of your users that are tracked by TutorCruncher.

If you would like to export the data shown here then you can use the CSV Export button to export the data in CSV file format.

An example of an Activity page.

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