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Balance Updates

Find out about viewing and filtering through all transactions made via your TutorCruncher platform here.

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Whenever one of your users (or TutorCruncher) creates a transaction, (this could be an Invoice, Payment Order, manual balance adjustment or more) this is recorded by TutorCruncher.

You can view all of the transactions that have taken place in your agency in the Balance Updates page. You can find this page by navigating to Analytics > Balance Updates.

An example of a Balance Updates page

The Balance Updates page contains a list of all transactions made via your TutorCruncher system, alongside a record of when they were made, the transaction type, the method by which it was created, which Administrator created it, the user the charge was directed at, and how much the charge was for.

The top right of the page contains a total record of how many transactions have taken place, alongside the final balances within the ‘Totals’ panel. The ‘Filter’ panel on the right hand side includes all the different payment methods and transaction types you can filter out from the list, alongside a date range field allowing you to specify a time period to filter out the transactions within.

You can filter your transactions by date as well as the method of payment that was used.

Filter for Methods of Payment

You can also filter them out based on the update type which includes Credit Request Payment, Invoice Creation, Invoice Payment, Payment Order Creation, Payment Order Execution, Manual Balance Adjustment, Credit Note, Voided Payment Order, Top Up or Refund.

Filter for Update Type

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