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Tutors’ Guide to TutorCruncher (Employment Agencies)
Tutors’ Guide to TutorCruncher (Employment Agencies)

Learn more about your Tutor Dashboard (for Tutors working with Employment Agencies)

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Is the company which you're working with acting as an Employment Agency? If so, read below!

Tutors working for companies acting as employment agencies have control over the flow of funds - for our purposes, this means that you, not the Administrator, are responsible for facilitating payment and processing refunds.

How do I Invoice for Lessons?

When you are marking a Lesson as 'Complete' you'll be redirected to the Lesson Report screen as normal. It's worth noting here that Lesson report submission will be compulsory for all employment agency Lessons.

When submitting the report, there will be a checkbox at the bottom of the panel that specifies whether or not you want to raise an Invoice for that Lesson - leave it checked to do so.

Invoicing a Lesson via the Lesson Report Page.

If you opt not to raise an Invoice at this stage, you can still do so at a later stage when navigating to the completed Lesson's main page.

How do I send Invoices for lessons at a later stage?

You will be prompted to send invoices for un-invoiced Lessons on your dashboard under the 'Actions Required' section.

Raising an Invoice from the Tutor Dashboard. In this example, the Tutor has three Lessons which have been marked as 'Complete', but for which Invoices haven't yet been sent.

In order to send an Invoice for a Lesson that has already been marked as complete, navigate to the Lesson's main page before selecting Actions > Raise Invoice(s) from the dropdown menu.

Raising an Invoice on a Lesson marked as 'Complete'.

What about "Cancelled but Chargeable" Lessons?

If you mark a Lesson as 'Cancelled but chargeable' the Invoice will be automatically generated and sent to the Client the moment that it is marked as "Cancelled but Chargeable".

I've raised the Invoice, when do I get paid?

If the Client has card details saved to their account then those details will be used to take automatic payment for the Invoice two days after the Invoice is raised. If the Client hasn't saved their card details, they will need to manually pay the Invoice via the 'Payment Request' email they received when the Invoice was raised.

If the Client has saved their card details but the automatic payment fails, the Client will receive an 'Payment Failed' email notification prompting them to pay with a different payment method. You and any Administrators will also receive this notification.

I received a 'Payment Failure' notification but the Client still hasn't paid, what can I do?

You can send them a reminder to pay by navigating to the outstanding Payment Order and selecting the Send reminder. This will resend the Invoice to the Client via email.

My Payment Orders look different, how have they changed?

A Payment Order associated with each Lesson will now show up on the Lesson page immediately after the Lesson has been invoiced. You can still find your raised Payment Orders via the 'Payment Orders' tab on your dashboard:

A raised Payment Order that is 'Unpaid'.

How do I cancel a payment or issue a refund?

You can cancel a payment or issue a refund by using the Cancel/Refund Payment button found when navigating to the completed Lesson's Payment Order.

Provided both you and the company you're working with have the available funds in your Stripe accounts, both you and the company can choose to refund the payment that the Client has made.

How do I get paid for expenses?

When creating the expense, you will be prompted to raise an Invoice for that expense at the point at which you create it - you can select this option to raise the Invoice. If you choose not to, you can do so at a later time by navigating to the expenses' main page and selecting the Raised Invoices button from there. This will also appear within your 'Actions Required' panel.

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