Using Labels
Learn how to create & apply labels to users, jobs and lessons.
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What is a label?

A label is a tag that can be applied to users and jobs. They are useful to keep track of which tutors have been invited to be interviewed, which clients are new, which jobs are close to their cap, and more. A 'First Lesson Complete' label is automatically applied to any job that has completed its first lesson. Labels also work with broadcasts, allowing you to filter recipients of the broadcast by labels. You can apply labels by going to a user's or job's details page, clicking the 'Label' button and selecting the label from the dropdown.

How do I create new labels?

You can create new labels by navigating to System > Settings > People and Activity > Labels and clicking the 'Add Label' button. Give your label a name and colour and select the objects you want the label to be tagged on. You can allow tutors and clients to access and view these labels on job/lesson, and you can receive emails whenever a label is applied. When finished, click 'Submit', and you'll see your label in the list of labels and in the 'Label' dropdown on the details page of any applicable object.

Who can view labels?

Admins can always choose labels. If you want either a client or tutor to view it on a job/lesson, then you can tick the options 'Client Viewable' or 'Tutor Access'.

How do I apply a label to a job?

You can apply a label to a job by going to the main job page & choosing the Actions tab. From here you can choose labels & then assign a specific label.

Which labels show in the user list view?

The user list view shows up to 6 labels in alphabetical order, in the right-hand corner of each profile. The order of these labels cannot be changed.

If you have applied more than 6 labels to a user the first 6 (based on alphabetical ordering) will show up on the user list view.

How do I apply labels to multiple users?

You can apply labels to your users in bulk by filtering. Go to People, select the user type, and then filter the users by the appropriate data. With this filtered list you can click on 'Label these ...' and create a new label to apply to those matching the filter results.

How do I receive notifications when a label is applied?

When creating or editing a label, you can choose to email administrators when a label is applied.

Simply fill in the Email Recipients field on a label to suit your needs.

An example of this would be to receive an email when a tutor or client signs themselves up, as the 'New Sign up' label is applied.

Which labels are created automatically?

Some labels are created by the system to help you.



Self Sign up

This is applied to tutors and clients when they sign themselves up.

First Lesson Complete

Applied to a job when the first lesson has been marked complete.

Cap Limit Labels

These are used to show how close to the cap limit a job is.


Created when a client fills in the enquiry form and submits it.

Invited for Interview

Created when a client fills in the enquiry form and submits it.

Inactive Job

When a job goes inactive for a certain amount of time, this label is applied. You can change the duration in System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity, in the 'Job Inactivity Time' field.

What users can make edits to labels?

Admins are the only users who can create or make edits to labels. Tutors and clients will be able to see a label if they have been given access to it, but they will not be able to edit it.

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