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Learn how to use this tool to display extra information to your users.

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You can customise what information you store on a user profile using Custom Fields. If you create a Custom Field for a user, Jobs, Lessons, or report the new field will be shown when editing or creating them.

For example, if it is important for you to know your Tutors' favourite colour, you could have a field for that! You could also add a checkbox for 'Full driving licence' or 'Available for full time placements' to the Tutor application form and require them to record that information when they apply to work with you. You can also filter and search through your users and content based on the Custom Fields that you have created.

You can find a list of your Custom Fields categorised into what role type they are being used for by navigating to System > Settings > System Customization > Custom Fields.

An example of a Custom Fields page.

To add a Custom Field, navigate to System > Settings > System Customization > Custom Fields before using the Add Custom Field button to open the ‘Add new Custom Field’ panel.

Here you can:

  • Use the ‘Apply To’ dropdown menu to specify which role type the Custom Field will apply to.

  • Use the ‘Type’ dropdown menu to specify the type of Custom Field it will be (e.g. checkbox, text field, star rating or dropdown menu).

  • Give the Custom Field a name using the ‘Name’ text field.

  • You can also give some help text to describe the Custom Field to any users viewing it.

  • You can also make the field required, meaning that the user won’t be able to complete the form without completing it (note that if this is checked on the “Checkbox” option, the user will have to mark the field as ‘true’.)

How do I make my Custom Fields to show in my user lists?

Simply check the ‘Show in Lists’ checkbox - the Custom Field will appear as a category in the relevant user list. Note that this only be shown in list for user role types (Tutors, Clients, Students, Affiliates).

How do I make my Custom Fields available in my user list Filters?

Simply check the ‘Available in Filters’ checkbox.

Why can’t my users see my Custom Fields?

You need to make sure you’re enabling the relevant user access checkbox at the bottom of the panel. For instance, Custom Fields that you want to display on your Public Tutor Listing profiles won’t be viewable unless ‘Client Access’ is checked.

How do I include my Custom Field on Client Enquiry Forms?

Simply check the ‘Enquiry Form’ checkbox.

How do I make my Custom Fields viewable in Available Jobs?

In order to do this, you will need to know the prefix of the user that you are trying to enter the details for. Below is a table of which users that you can add Custom Fields to alongside their relevant document type:

For example, say you wanted to add information from a Custom Field you have previously created onto your Invoice HTML Template. As per the table above, Invoice templates have the Client user type. Therefore, the Custom Field would need to be applied to Clients.

Once the Custom Field has been created, you will want to select that Custom Field from the list and check the ‘Machine Name’ associated with that Custom Field.

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