Role Page Banners

Learn about using role page banners to display highlighted blocks of text at the top of your dashboard here.

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Role page banners are blocks of text that appear at the top of the page, useful for important reminders or information.

The content of these banners is dependent on the type of "role" that the user is playing (hence the name) and you can show different banners to Administrators, Tutors, Clients and Students.

An example of a Student dashboard, with the banner highlighted.

To set banners for different user types, navigate to System > Settings > System Customization > Role Page Banners. This will open the ‘Set Role Page Banners’ panel, from where you can input text into the relevant user banner’s text field. Make sure you’ve enabled the relevant banner’s checkbox to have it display on the role type’s dashboard.

Creating a banner to be displayed on the Student’s portal.

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