Lesson Recording with TutorCruncher Video

Learn how to record your lessons that are hosted on TutorCruncher Video.

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Can I record lessons that are hosted on TutorCruncher Video?

Yes, you can indeed! We have now given users the option to record any lesson that is hosted on TutorCruncher Video.

How do I set up Lesson Recording on TutorCruncher Video?

Setting up lesson recording on TutorCruncher Video is straight-forward. The first thing you will need to do however, is to integrate TutorCruncher Video in your branch settings and you can read more about that just here. Once you have added TutorCruncher Video as an integration, you can decide whether to have lesson recording enabled on the integration by default. This means that when you decide to add that integration to a job, the setting for lesson recording will already be checked. The first step is to click on TC Video within the Integrations page, and then go to Settings.

Once you are in settings, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and enable the checkbox for Enable Lesson Recording by default if you want that to be set as the default.

When adding TutorCruncher Video on the main job page, there will now be an option to choose whether you want lesson recording enabled. If you updated your TC video branch settings to enable lesson recordings, then that will be checked by default when adding it to a job.

Is there a place where I can see all of the lesson recordings?

If you want to view any recordings that have been completed on a lesson, then you can go to the Activity tab directly linked to the lesson page and you will be able to see any recordings there.

You can also view any recorded lessons by going to Activity > Lesson Recordings from the panel on the left-hand side of your login.

Why are my recordings not showing straight away?

Sometimes it may take a few minutes for the lesson recordings to generate and be displayed within TutorCruncher.

Can tutors control whether lesson recordings are enabled?

No, tutors do not have control over whether lessons are being recorded or not. They can see that lessons are being recorded, but they do not have control to stop/start recordings.

How much does it cost to use lesson recording with TutorCruncher Video?

There are two charges linked to lesson recording with TC Video, and these are charged per minute:

  • Charges for recordings (Per Minute)

£0.024 / $0.03 (US) / €0.0285

  • Charges for storage of recordings (This is currently the sum of duration for all the recordings that have not been deleted in minutes)

£0.0064 / $0.008 (US) / €0.0076

You can view any charges you have received linked to TutorCruncher Video by going to System > Billing and viewing that information from there.

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