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Approve Public Tutor Profiles
Approve Public Tutor Profiles

Learn about how to add and update public Tutor profiles to your Socket integration here.

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Note: The information in this article pertains to the Socket for Public Tutor Listings

Our website integration TutorCruncher Socket allows you to automatically display Tutor profiles on your website. Once you have integrated Socket with your website, you will need to navigate to this page to approve any public Tutor profiles for them to be displayed on your website. If you have a public Tutor listing that you’ve made changes to, you will similarly need to navigate here to approve those changes in order for them to be reflected on your website.

Approving a public Tutor profile.

Any profiles that need approval will be displayed here. There are two columns; ‘Released Value’ refers to the information on fields that has already been approved (or will be blank if you’re approving a profile for the first time) and the ‘Pending Value’ refers to the changes that need approval. Select Approve & Release to make the profile live on your website.

Why are there no public Tutor profiles appearing for me to approve here?

If no Tutors are listed here, you can select Refresh Public Profiles to refresh the list. If there are still no Tutors displayed, you will need to ensure that the ‘Public Profile’ Label has been applied to their profile, as only profiles with this Label applied will be eligible to appear on your website.

I’ve made changes to an approved public Tutor profile in TutorCruncher, but the changes aren’t being reflected on my website.

Any changes made to a profile you’ve previously approved will also need to be approved here for those changes to be reflected on your website. The alterations you made to the profile will be highlighted under the ‘Pending Value’ column in green. If you’re happy with the changes, select Approve & Release to update the profiles on your website.

Approving changes made to a public Tutor profile.

I’ve removed the ‘Public Profile’ Label from one of my Tutors but their profile is still appearing on my website.

In cases where you wish to remove a Tutor’s profile from your public Tutor listings, you will need to also approve the deletion of the listing from this page after removing the ‘Public Profile’ Label. Select Approve & Release to confirm the deletion.

Deleting a Public Tutor Profile.

What if I want to add more information from my Tutor’s profile?

By default, your Tutor’s basic information (name, photo and town/country) will be shown on their public profile. If you want to add more information, navigate to your Custom Fields and add/edit any Custom Fields related to your Tutors. Note that you will need to ensure these Custom Fields are ‘Client accessible’ in order for them to display, and it can take up to 24 hours for these changes to go live on your website. As always, you will need to Approve & Release these changes via this page before they will appear.

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