What is TutorCruncher Video?

TutorCruncher Video is our very own integrated platform that allows you to host video lessons online.

How to set up and use TutorCruncher Video

If you are teaching a lesson hosted by TC video, all you have to do is make sure you have selected TutorCruncher Video as your online integration on the job. Once you have done this you can just use the link in each lesson or the link in your emails to join the video call.

Students taking lessons will also be able to access TutorCruncher Video via each scheduled lesson on the link in your emails.

Click here to find out more about setting up TC video as one of your online integrations.

How to start and join a video call

Anyone can join a meeting link, on the computer or phone. Guests don't need an account or software download.

  1. To invite, just copy and share the link (Or send that link via Lesson Reminders)

  2. To join, click the meeting link. Use Chrome for the most features.

When you click a link to join, here's what you see and do:

  • Computer users click the green button.

  • TV users, click the purple button.

  • Mobile users can join with video if there are 4 or fewer participants in the call.

Invite someone to a call

To invite someone, copy and share your TutorCruncher Video meeting link.

Guests just click your meeting link to join. Anyone, on a computer anywhere, can join your call. Guests don't need to download or create an account. Up to 200 people can join a meeting on Chrome. We recommend 6-8 cams on at one time — it depends on users' network quality.

Find your link, in a video call

If you're already in your TutorCruncher Video call, your meeting link is shown on your computer screen:

The meeting link is in the address bar of your browser. That's just at the top of your Chrome window. Or, in the bottom bar of your call, just click the green Invite button. This copies your call info to your clipboard, to send to a guest.

Browser support with TutorCruncher Video

We support the following web browsers:

  • Chrome 74 and above

  • Safari 12.1 and above

  • Firefox 78 ESR and above

  • Microsoft Edge 74 and above.

  • Electron 6 and above

  • iOS Safari (in iOS 12.1 and later)

  • 3rd-party browsers (such as Chrome) and in-app browsers (such as the Gmail app's built-in browser) using WKWebView, as of iOS 14

  • Android Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, and Chromium-based 3rd-party browsers

Screen sharing

  • To start a screen share, a user must be on desktop. A user can start a screen share from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on desktop.

  • To clarify, all browsers can view screen shares. A mobile user can see a screen share (but only a call participant on desktop can share their screen).

Mobile support

  • iOS 12.1 and later versions

  • Android 5.0 and above with current security and platform updates

If you are starting calls from a web application on iOS, it's recommended to open a new tab because mobile device screen sizes tend to be small enough that there's not much room to embed the call as an iframe.

Note: The number one thing that affects call quality — and which eats up bandwidth and taxes CPU — is the number of cameras on during a call. The number of participants in the call and the number of cameras on are two different things. For example, a user on an old device can click to join a call with 200 participants. That user will be in the call. However, they will have a better experience if in that call limits the number of participants that have their cameras on

How much does it cost to use TutorCruncher Video?

TutorCruncher video has a free allowance of 20,000 participant minutes*, and then each participant minute will be charged at $0.006 (£0.005). The allowance works out as ~167 hours of one to one lessons. It is reset each month on the 1st of the month.

*Each person on a call for a minute counts as a participant minute. For example, 2 people (1 student and 1 tutor) on a call for 1 minute would count as 2 participant minutes.

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