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Discover how you can use Packages on TutorCruncher.

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Administrators can now create Packages for Clients to view and purchase courses or programmes up front. Once you create and activate a Package, they will be purchasable by your Clients via the 'Packages' section on their Client dashboard.

What are Packages?

Packages are bundled offerings that Admins can create for Clients. These packages typically include a set number of Lessons or hours, typically at a discounted rate, providing Clients with a convenient and cost-effective way to book multiple sessions in advance. Once created and activated, these packages are displayed to Clients, allowing them to view and purchase them directly through their TutorCruncher dashboard.

Note: Packages will not work in conjunction with Split Payments. For more information, click here.

How do I create Packages on TutorCruncher?

Before you can use packages, you will need to enable them via the ‘Use TutorCruncher Packages’ checkbox found in System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity. Once enabled, the Packages page will appear in Activity > Packages where you can start creating your packages using the Add Package button.

Packages as viewed by the Admin.

When selecting Add Package, you will be prompted to enter a name for the package (e.g., Gold, Silver, or Bronze) and also enter a description for the package, the cost of the package, and any bonus credit you wish to include.

Note: You can use markdown to format the text, see our markdown guide for more information.

Adding the Name, Description, Cost and Bonus Credit for the Package.

When a package is purchased, it generates a Credit Request for the listed amount and additionally credits the Client's account with any bonus included in the package.

Note: Adding a bonus credit to the package is completely optional and will only appear on the Client's end if you have assigned a value to it other than 0.

Additionally, you can set an icon for a particular package and select a color for it. You can find a list of icons to choose from here. Simply copy and paste the name of the icon and it will be automatically displayed on the package.

Adding an Icon to your Package.

How can Clients view and purchase Packages that I have created?

Clients can view packages from their account via the 'Packages' tab on the sidebar menu.

Packages as viewed by the client.

Your Client can then choose a package that they would like to purchase by clicking the 'Buy now' button which will take them to the payments page.

Payments page for Packages.

Once the payment is made, a Credit Request will be automatically generated and processed, appearing on the 'Billing' tab under Credit Requests.

Accessing the paid Credit Request once a package is purchased.

They can also view the PDF for the Credit Request which will show the package they have bought.

Credit Request PDF.

Note: Purchasing a Package does not automatically create a Job for the Client. After a Client has purchased a package, you will need to create a Job and add them to it.

Can I display Packages in a specific order for my Clients?

The order in which packages are displayed to Clients depends on their sort index value. Packages with higher values appear higher on the list with the package having the highest sort index at the very top. The order in which Admins see the packages (from top to bottom) is the same order Clients will see them from left to right.

Setting the Sort index for a Package.

For example, if you have set up four packages named Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, with Diamond being the most expensive, and you want them ordered from most expensive to least expensive, you would set the sort index for Bronze to 0, Silver to 1, Gold to 2, and Diamond to 3. This way, the Diamond package will appear at the top, followed by Gold, Silver, and Bronze in descending order.

Ordering of Packages.

How can I view Packages purchased by my Clients?

Simply navigate to Accounting > Raised Credit Requests > Packages. This filter allows you to select a specific package, enabling you to view every purchase made for that package.

Filtering Packages.

Another way to achieve this is by customizing your dashboard to look like this:

Customizing your dashboard.

To implement this, simply navigate to your dashboard, move your cursor over to the Settings Cog (Configure Dashboard), select 'Add Custom Panel', and choose Actions “Client Purchased a Package.”

Why won't Packages work with Split Payments?

Split Payments works by splitting funds between a Tutor and your Company at the time of payment, and Payment must be made with our inbuilt online payment processing service.

When a client purchases a Package, they are effectively adding Credit to their account with your company. As soon as payment takes place, the funds will begin their journey to your Stripe account/bank account (depending on how the client pays) and therefore TutorCruncher cannot create a payment to the Tutor when a Lesson is marked complete.

To learn about Split Payments, click here.

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