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Lesson Reminders

Lesson reminders can be created to automatically remind your users at a certain time before a Lesson is due to take place.

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Lesson reminders are email notifications sent to users to let them know a Lesson is due to take place. Useful in cases where you want to ensure attendance of planned Lessons. A list of your Lesson reminders can be accessed via Communications > Lesson Reminders, from where you can view/edit your current reminders or create a new one via the Add Reminder button.

An example of a Lesson Reminders page.

To create a Lesson reminder, simply navigate to Communications > Lesson Reminders and select the Add Reminder button. Selecting this will open the ‘Reminders’ panel:

The ‘Reminders’ panel.

Here you can:

  • Specify a name for the Reminder via the ‘Name’ field.

  • Apply a Label for the Reminder to apply to (this means that only Jobs with that specific Label will have that reminder sent for them; selecting no Label means that all Jobs will have that reminder sent for them.

  • Use the ‘Recipient Types’ checkboxes to specify which user type will receive the Reminder. Note that if you choose to send to Administrators, the relevant Client’s Client Manager will also receive a Reminder.

  • You can also choose to send to Associated Clients (by default, only a Student’s paying Client will receive the relevant Reminders).

  • Use the ‘Delivery time offset’ field to specify how long before the Lesson the Reminder will be sent.

Clicking Save once these fields are filled in will create the reminder and add it to your ‘Reminders’ list. You can find a record of any Lesson reminders being sent out either via your Outbound Emails or the ‘Communications’ tab of any Lessons for which the Reminder applies.

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