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Learn about configuring any TutorCruncher settings that relate to your users here.

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The People panel can be found via System > Settings > People and Activity > People. The panel allows you to configure any system-wide settings that pertain to your TutorCruncher users.

Can I automatically mark Tutors as ‘dormant’ after a certain amount of time?

Yes - simply enable the ‘Automatically mark idle Tutors Dormant’ checkbox. With this enabled, Tutors that have been idle for more than a certain amount of time will be automatically marked as ‘dormant’. You can specify how many days pass before this happens via the ‘Number of idle days to be Dormant’ number field.

Note: Any actions by or relevant to the Tutor will reset this timer.

Automatically mark tutors as dormant after a specified time

Can Tutors view Student/Client details?

If ‘Tutors view Student/Client details’ is enabled in System > Settings > People and Activity > People, then your Tutors will be able to view basic details of Tutors/Clients on their assigned jobs.

How do I use Affiliates?

Simply enable the ‘Use Affiliates’ checkbox. Read more about using Affiliates here.

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