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Learn about your Tutor dashboard here.

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When you log into TutorCruncher, you are taken to the dashboard. This page contains an at-a-glance overview of relevant information to you, including any actions required (such as any Lessons that might need marking as complete or invoices to be raised for Ad Hoc Charges), an overview of how many hours you have worked vs. what you have been paid for (in the last 60 days) and a record past and upcoming Lessons.

An example of a Tutor dashboard.

You can select the ‘Overview’ tab to view your hours taught vs money earned visualized in a graph. You can also select the ‘My Profile’ tab to view your account’s information, including your contact details, bank account details, teaching skills, qualifications and any relevant documents that you might want to attach to your profile.

An example of a Tutor profile.

How do I apply for Jobs?

To view a list of jobs available for application, simply navigate to Available Jobs.

View all available Jobs.

This page gives you an overview of all the jobs you can apply to. You can filter the jobs by the date of creation, pay rate, subjects and your degree of qualification. You can also view more details by clicking on the job you’re interested in. Apply from either the ‘Available Jobs’ page or the job’s page itself.

On the application form, you will be asked to fill out a short description about why you are a good fit for this job.

Apply for a job via TutorCruncher.

Apply for a Job via TutorCruncher.

Depending on the company you are working with, you will get an email telling you if your application has been accepted or rejected.

You can view your pending applications by going to the ‘Current Applications’ page on the side menu..

How do I add a new Lesson to a Job?

  • To add a lesson to a job, you need to navigate to the job you want to add the lesson to.

  • Click ‘Add New Lesson’

Add a new Lesson to your Job.

  • Fill in the date and times of the lesson, as well as a short description.

  • If you wish to create a lesson in the past, upon submitting you will be asked to fill in a lesson report that will be sent to the client.

  • Alternatively, if you wish to create the lesson in the future, the lesson will be created as a ‘Planned’ lesson.

  • You can mark it as completed at a later stage by clicking on it, and clicking 'Complete'

  • To have a lesson repeat in the future go to a lesson and click on the Actions button. You can then choose the option for ‘Repeat’.

The Lesson summary page.

  • Set further definitions for the lesson and click ‘Save’.

  • The lesson status can be Planned, Cancelled, Cancelled but chargeable, or Complete.

Where can I find my Lesson schedule?

You can find your Lesson schedule on the Calendar page where you can view your Lessons on the calendar or as a list.

Lesson schedule can be found on the Calendar page.

When you click on the ‘View in list’ button, the lesson schedule looks something like this:

List view of your Lessons.

How do I mark Lessons as ‘Complete’?

Lessons that have not been marked as ‘Complete’ show up as ‘Awaiting Confirmation’. In order to mark them as completed, you have to simply navigate to the Lessons Summary page via ‘My Jobs’ and mark it as ‘Complete’.

Mark your Lessons as 'Complete' via the Lesson summary page.

How do I access the online classroom on a Lesson?

TutorCruncher’s Online Integrations makes teaching Students online even easier. The online tools you use to connect with your students can be accessed from your Tutor Dashboard or via each scheduled lesson.

Access Online integrations via the Lessons summary page.

If you have an upcoming lesson with a student that is being hosted online, you can just click the ‘Online Integration’ button and you will instantly get connected to a unique room for you and your students.

Depending on which online whiteboard you are using, you can use different integrations to create engaging and interactive lessons for your students, regardless of the subject. We currently have a number of whiteboard options available through TutorCruncher, which you can find out more about here. If you would like to utilise one of these tools, please get in touch with your tutoring agency.

What is a Lesson Report?

Reports allow you to keep track of the students' progress. When a lesson is marked as complete, you may be prompted to fill in a lesson report to track how well a student is doing.

Where do I access Lesson Reports?

You can access any lesson reports that have been created for Lessons by going to the lesson page & then choosing the Expenses and Reports tab. You also have the ability to create reports for any lessons that are awaiting ones from here too.

Accessing your Lesson Reports.

If you have marked a lesson as Complete but haven't written a report for that, you can simply go to Expenses & Reports and then choose the ‘Create’ option.

Accessing your Lesson Reports.

How do I raise an expense for a Lesson?

You can add an expense to a lesson or job; which are generally used to claim money for travel, books etc.

  • On either a job’s or a lesson’s page, navigate to the Activity tab and then scroll down to 'Expenses'.

Raising an Expense.

  • Fill in the description, date and amount. Select the category that reflects the type of expense you are entering, and select the relevant client, job and lesson (if applicable).

Specify your expense further and click 'Submit'.

Raising an Expense.

  • Specify your expense further and click 'Submit'.

  • The client will be charged when they are next invoiced, and you will receive the funds after that, provided the company agrees with your claim.

  • If you want to enter a document to substantiate the claim, you can go to the job and upload a document.

Upload a document to explain the expense you generated.

  • You can also view any expenses you have submitted from the ‘Expenses’ section on the left-hand side of your TutorCruncher login.

View your Expenses via the 'Expenses' section.

Where can I upload Documents to TutorCruncher?

You can upload your documents by navigating to the ‘Documents’ section and clicking the ‘Single Document Upload’ option at the top of the page.

Uploading your Documents via the 'Documents' section

Alternatively, you can upload documents pertaining to a particular job by navigating to the job and uploading the document on the Job’s page.

Uploading your Documents on the Job.

How do I add Zoom to my account?

In order to host lessons on Zoom, the first thing you will need to do is log into your TutorCruncher profile and choose the tab from the panel on the left-hand side of your account for ‘Add Zoom for Free’.

You would then choose the 'Add Integration' tab. From here, you will be redirected to a Sign In page where you will enter your email address & password associated with your Zoom account.

Adding Zoom to your account.

Once the Zoom account has been linked to your tutor profile, you will then be able to access your Zoom room from the panel on the left-hand side of their account.

Accessing Zoom integration via your account.

Accessing the Zoom room from the lesson page is just as easy as well. You can access your upcoming lessons by going to your Dashboard and clicking on the lesson from there. When on the main lesson page, you can click the More Details option and then the Zoom integration will be accessible from there.

Accessing Zoom integration via the Lessons page.

How do I add qualifications and skills to my profile?

Adding Qualifications: This is the place to list all relevant qualifications, both academic and industry, that would make you suitable to work for a tutoring company.

Adding Qualifications.

To add a qualification, click on the ‘Add’ button, enter the relevant information, and click Submit. If you need to add additional qualification levels which are not on the list, then it would be best to reach out to the company you are currently working with to create the required custom qualification levels.

Adding Teaching Skills: These skills are your ultimate selling point. You can populate this section with subjects that you can teach and have them displayed on your TutorCruncher profile. To add or edit skills, click on the edit symbol next to ‘Teaching Skills’.

Select a subject and the level you can teach it at, add another if necessary, and click submit when you are done.

Adding Teaching Skills.

If you can teach a skill but can’t find it on the list, then the best thing to do would be to ask the tutoring company you are working with to add that custom subject from their side.

Why is my profile still pending?

Your profile is still pending because it hasn't yet been approved by the Tutoring agency that you have applied with. In this scenario, it would be best to reach out to them to follow up on your application.

How do I set my availability?

Setting your availability will ensure that only lessons within the set period of time can be scheduled for you with the company you are working with. To set your availability, you will need to go to your Profile section and then click the ‘Actions’ tab.

Setting Availability.

From here, you can decide whether you want to set that availability as Bulk, or if you want to choose individual days that you’re available for. Select the available start and end times, then click the dates on the calendar where applicable, and click 'Save'.

Alternatively, you can create availability for several dates at once by clicking the 'Mass Create' button and filling in the details as shown below.

How to Mass Create your availability.

What are ‘Payment Orders’?

Payment Orders are used in TutorCruncher to facilitate payments to Tutors. They provide both the company and the Tutor a breakdown of completed work and earnings. Payment Orders are typically generated by your Administrator once the associated Invoice for a completed Lesson has been paid, but they can still be generated ahead of payment as well.

You can access your Payment Orders by selecting the Payment Orders tab from the side bar of your dashboard. This page contains a list of all of your Payment Orders, including how much the Payment Order is for, how many items that it’s comprised of (Lessons, Ad Hoc Charges), the agency responsible for paying the Payment Order, when it was sent, and the Payment Orders payment status.

An example of a Payment Order page.

Here you can:

  • Click on a Payment Order’s ID to view its details.

  • Use the Filter button to filter out the Payment Orders in the list by their sent date and/or payment status.

  • Use the Export button to export the Payment Orders shown in the list as a CSV file.

Note: When a company raises and confirms a Payment Order, that is just a record of the hours completed and what pay is owed to you - it’s possible for a Payment Order to be marked as ‘Paid’ but no money to arrive in the account.

This could be because the Administrator hasn’t yet processed your payment yet, or they have but the funds haven’t been transferred to your account yet. If they are using Split Payments then a likely explanation could be that Stripe is still processing the funds to your Stripe payouts account.

How do I sign up for a Stripe payouts account?

Note: Signing up for a Payouts Account is only available if the company you are tutoring with has this feature enabled on their account.

You can sign up for this by navigating to the Profile tab on their dashboard. From here, you'll be able to sign up on your profile under Express Payouts Account.

Creating a Stripe Payouts Account.

The next step is to choose the Sign Up Now tab, and this will redirect you to Stripe's sign up page (Similar to the one agencies fill out).

Stripe Sign up page.

Finally, you would need to review all of the details you have entered, just to make sure they are all correct.

Review your details on Stripe.

Stripe would then need to verify your account post which you can use your Stripe account for payouts.

Can I use one login for multiple branches/agencies?

Yes, this can be achieved via the Global Profile - read more about that below.

What can I do if I’m having trouble logging in?

There are a few steps that you can take if you’re having trouble logging into your Tutor account:

  1. Double check that you are entering the correct login information (i.e. your email and password)

  2. Request a password reset if you are unable to log in using your current password or can’t seem to remember it. You will receive a password reset email which should allow you log back into your account.

  3. If the above doesn’t work, please reach out to your tutoring agency.

What is a Global Profile?

As a tutor, there may be instances that you have applied to, or signed up with different agencies. In order to facilitate this, we've given tutors the option to set up a Global Profile. With a Global Profile, a Tutor can access all of the branches that they have been assigned to using a single login.

No more worrying about different passwords for different profiles, this feature allows you to use the same email across all of your tutor accounts.

Setting up your Global Profile.

When you create a new account with an agency using the same email address as an existing one, you will see a banner appear on your dashboard during the sign-up process prompting you to link your accounts.

Linking your profiles will allow you to access all your accounts with one login. This will also allow you to create a Global Profile, which allows you to copy certain information from one branch to another.

How can I access my Global Profile?

Your Global Profile can be accessed from the drop down menu by going to the top right-hand side of your login as shown below:

How to access your Global Profile.

What information can be copied from one profile to the other?

Once a Global Profile has been created, all basic information including name, address, contact details etc. can be copied from one profile to the other.

However, there are certain aspects of your profile which cannot be copied over to your new profile. These include:

  1. Skills & Qualifications

  2. Documents

  3. Institutions

  4. Resume

This is because the TutorCruncher system is highly customisable. Therefore, a lot of agencies will use different subjects and qualifications. Furthermore, many agencies have custom tutor profile set-ups which means different information needs to be entered for different agencies. Hence, copying this information over is not possible.


Q1) What does the figure for 'Amount Owed' represent on my dashboard?

'Amount Owed' is the sum of all unpaid lessons and expenses. Lessons that have been marked as 'Complete' would be included in the Amount Owed figure.

Q2) Why can't I see any available jobs?

If you are trying to view available jobs from your login but can't, then it would be best getting in touch with the tutoring agency directly. Agencies have control over the visibility of jobs and tutors access to these as well.

Q3) Why can’t I access a job?

There may be times that you are greeted with an ‘Error 403’ page when trying to access a job from your login. In instances like this, there could be a couple of reasons you can’t access it. The first is that you may have been assigned to a lesson within a job, but not to the main job page. Another possibility is that your profile has a ‘Dormant’ status. In situations like this, it would be best to contact an admin to help look further into this.

Q4) Why can't I add/edit a lesson?

There are two possible reasons for this, these are:

  • The lesson is on a sent or Paid Invoice or Payment Order. The invoice or payment order has to be marked as void to edit these lessons.

  • The job is marked as Finished. The job has to have any status other than Finished to edit lessons.

In both cases, you will need to contact an administrator to resolve the problem.

Q5) Can I request to have my tutor profile deleted?

You can indeed. Navigate to the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, and select the branch you no longer wish to have a profile with. Then go to Account, and select the tab at the top of the page for ‘Request Account Erasure’. A prompt will appear asking if you want to provide any further details on why you wish to be deleted from the system. Once you are happy to request account erasure, click save.

Q6) Can I copy my details from one TutorCruncher agency to another?

Yes, some of your tutoring details can be copied over from one branch to another by linking your tutoring accounts through the Global Profile.

Q7) Why can't I edit a Lesson Report?

You might not be able to edit a lesson report if there has been a raised invoice or payment order linked to the lesson.

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